Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Scrap Page EVER for ScrapFriends

Goodness gracious why don't I just show you my underwear drawer....

Oh since everyone else is, I guess I'll post this for the latest challenge over at Scrap Friends.

Since we are talking about underwear, let me explain why I made this page. I was lactating.

First baby, first important job, all that jazz.

I worked for a wonderful Fortune 500 Company and was blessed with a state of the art lactation room. I used to hang out there and read and pump carefully positioning the pumps up against the counter so I could hold a book. It was peaceful I tell you.

New baby was no picnic. She is now 12. She looks innocent in those photos but sleep and peace was at a premium....

Most women taped up photos of whom they were lactating for.

Not me, I've always been an overachiever when it comes to photos and crafty. I made a page of photos and taped up the page protector.

Anyone recognize THE MAN in there? He looks like quite the baby. Of course, my 12 year old barely fits on our laps these days. She eats like a horse even to this day.

Oh the memories! Come on, show us yours! I showed you mine. ;-)


  1. I tell you what, this is a LOT more creative than! Fancy having a lactating room...that is VERY impressive, I must say.....boy! They grow up way toooo quick...Dad looks sooo proud there....brave girl....I just cleaned out my underwear drawer... you really wanted to know that, didn't you?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0)0)0)0)0)

  2. Mitra this is a gorgeous page to reflect on because the time does go toooooooo quickly. I have six grandchildren but still remember when my own children were little. Eldest grandchild is now sixteen years old.............

  3. How very sweet!!! I am really impressed that you made a whole scrapbook page to tape up. Super mom!!!

    Okay, You showed me yours... I see your memories and raise you this page. LOL

  4. Oh dont mind me... after reading your post 3 times and then realizing what the heck you were talking about.... it wasnt boobies... but the first layout you have ever done.. the lights came on in my brain.... actually for a first layout this looks really really good... you can be proud of this.. and i don't think you want to see my grundies drawer.. not today anyway.....

  5. This is so awesome! We like to call it Newborn Boot Camp ;) It's so funny to see how far scrapbooking has come! Wonderful page and thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Not a bad effort! Mine is absolutely appalling. I'd rather show you my underwear drawer - it's a lot prettier than my first scrapbooking page...

  7. Mitraaaaaaaaaaa - this is an AWESOME first layout. You overachiever you!! What a fun peek and what a fun challenge!!!


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