Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shaker Top Vintage Valentine's Day Ornament for LESSology Challenge

I wish I could say that I came up with this idea on my own. I spotted it AGES ago and pinned it and have been looking for salt and pepper shakers ever since. Check out the one Katalina made here. I am still on the hunt for smaller ones. May the Vintage Goddess of the Second Hand Stores shine down on me favorably in 2013. ;-)

Even though I have been extremely unlucky on finding nice & cheap salt & pepper shakers, I did find larger sized (also cheap) shakers with glass bottoms. Mine is certainly not a necklace like the one she made. It's much larger, so makes a nice ornament.

Let me show you the pile of pieces I started with.

You should be able to see that I also used a cardboard tube for my center, not a wooden dowel.

It's a great recycling project as I was also to reuse a large brass washer I had left over from a lamp, an old necklace, an Eiffel Tower earring, some vintage sheet music and a scrap of paper.

The only new stuff was that wooden frame, a Tim Holtz finding, and some flowers.

I am linking this up with the LESSology Challenge #21:  You are my Sweetheart which requires one upcycled item and also to use hearts.

I have several hearts incorporated into this project, one of which being a piece of heart ribbon, and the second being that lovely little flower & heart you see that I got from Irini and her fabulous shop

Here is another view where you can see the heart stick pins I included as well. 

And I'll leave you with one more side view so you can see where I added that necklace. 

Happy Sunday! Ours is bright and cold, so who knows what we'll come up with. Maybe we'll hit a second hand store and I'll finally get lucky!


  1. This is amazing, loving all this altered art, too cool.Hoping you are well and finding time to craft x

  2. Hi Mitra! I'm so glad you were inspired by my necklace! Thanks for giving me a shout out and for the link to this post. I know what you mean about finding that style of small shakers...I haven't come across them again but I will not give up looking! It was a clever idea to make the larger ones into an ornament. It is very beautiful. Good luck on the challenge!

  3. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwww!! This is amazing!! LOVING all the vintage goodness!! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!

  4. That is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us at LESSology!

  5. Mitra you're imagination is incredible, I love the way you turn odds and ends into something beautiful.

  6. Goodness. This is amazing! I just love how you upcycle.:)

    Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

  7. Oooh! LOVE your 'necklace' addition. COurse, you got me at 'eiffel tower'...& was an amazing way of using S&P shakers....VERY inventive:):):)

  8. Hi.. I must say I have never thought of using S & P shakers for anything but salt and peppar.. so good on you for creating such an interesting creation.. I always wonder what you are going to create next.. and happy op shop shopping!

  9. Now that would be some serious Mr.T bling for the neck, but as an ornament, I think it's exceptional. The most fun I have is seeing the pile you start with and the outcome you make with it. Your brain is one of a kind and worthy of applause!
    Fantastic Valentine decoration!!!

  10. Brilliant work Mitra. Love the crocheted flower!!

  11. You are amazing at this! You'd hate living here where there are no second hand finds - you are an altering pro!!

  12. Wow this is really wonderful! I love it. Thank you for sharing it with use at LESSology.

  13. WOW WOW WOW... how cool this is!!! You are so clever!!! ITs stunning !!! Thanks for playing along with US over at LESSology!!! hugs...xoxo


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