Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Hand-made Topiary Tree

All you peeps in Australia and those of you enjoying summer as we trudge through snow....I'm posting a photo to help cool you off! Hear it's a heat wave! Nothing is worse than being sticky although I'd argue snow down the back of your neck is also evil. Now both at the same time might just be all kind of pleasant!

So a while back I posted a photo of the top of my china cabinet which held a partially finished project, my little styrofoam tree. 

Our nearest decent craft stores are quite far away so popping in to grab the perfect item to finish it off was not possible before Christmas. Plus, I needed to let it simmer on the project burner a bit....which is why I am just now blogging about it over a month later. 

Finally put an order in for some velvet Maya Road blooms which are some of their older stuff, but something I still love. Velvet and gems...a perfect combo! (On a side note, have you seen their new CHA flowers, holy beaners!!!!)

Was cleaning out and found some pretty off white trim for the bottom which I immediately added some dye to! It seemed to pull the whole project together and matches the antique brass lamp base I used & had previously added a patina to. 

I think it may be finished now but who knows what else I may find at some point!

I think I will leave it out until it's time to decorate for Valentine's Day and see how I feel. 

Happy Friday and hope you are all staying cool. If not, come hang with us. It's brutal out there today...I am cold just thinking about it. 


  1. The snow down the neck with the heat...sounds perfect! LOVE your little that blue sky, although I'm guessing that's not too common. Cooler here today. Half the temp of yesterday. It was over 109F...that's HOT!! For us, anyway. That base of your tree, too - love the 'patina'...looks fab:):)

  2. Love the bling and the 'skirt' on your tree, Mitra! Great job.

  3. Love your tree Mitra yes the skirt is perfect for it. Valentine's?? Cant wait to see what you do for that!!

  4. Love the tree..and all the other 'pretties' on top of your cabinet!
    Alison xx

  5. That tree is seriously gorgeous and I adore your beautiful photo of it outside. I want to come play in your snow!

  6. Oh yes send me some snow!! although it would probably just be steam by the time it gets to me!! This tree looks really lovely.. sparkly too.. and no I am trying to avoid any peeking at CHA stuff.. I have to find new hiding places before I look at that new stuff!!!!

  7. Love your little topiary tree, Mitra. Need to get down and see all of your new creations.

  8. Your patina work on that base is incredible Mitra! I love that something that started out to be for Christmas might turn into a Valentine project. It's absolutely versatile and would fit perfectly with the red bird mounted on top. Thanks for sharing this project!! Reminds me of few trees I have in my house too :D


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