Monday, January 7, 2013

ScrapFriend's Sketch: Memories Are More Precious than Gold

So, my layout is more a zoomed in version of the sketch that ScrapFriends just released. I always love their sketches. I really struggled with how to interpret the bottom part and opted to go with snowy hills for my reindeer. My photo was larger and I had already printed it, so I ended up with a lot less white space than the sketch.

The hills are actually three different pieces of white paper inked up on the edges with a very light blue and then glittered. I used three prancing reindeer on my hills, the middle of whom is Rudolf. 

I was told that Rudolf leads the pack of course, so I had my red nose on the wrong one. I explained that these are DANCING reindeer and Rudolf is in the middle because he is the most important. Reindeer dance in Las Vegas you know. These gold chipboard reindeer were a gift from Jeanie and I really enjoyed using them!

The green dotty paper, red inked up flourish and also the clear acetate phrase are from Helen and also helped inspired my page. 

Love all the Christmas paper I managed to tuck under the photo. Fun to finally use some up so I can buy more. This photo is also one of my favorites from our trip to Las Vegas. We were hanging out watching the fountains at the Bellagio when someone offered to take our photo using the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. 

That is all from me! I have a ton more to blog about. Lots of scrappy stuff happened this weekend. Snow was too deep to do much more than scrap. Well, there was cleaning, but I opted out of that!


  1. I love how you layered the papers to make the hills. Love the "dancing Vegas deer," too. :)

  2. Gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeeeee the snowflakes and the reindeer! And loving the photo too!

  3. INSPIRED way to use the bottom half of the works beautifully with your Chrissy photo...lovely photo - soooo good to get a whole family one, too...very pleased with you that it's snowing so you can scrap!!! Heat wave here today. 109.4 F is our high today. Around 90F overnight so they're telling us til the cool change hits at 3 about opposite temps to you.....oh, & thanks, as always for joining us at Scrap Friends...LOVE seeing your interpretations :):):):)

  4. WOW.. I love your interperation of the sketch. Those reindeers are so cute and I love the shape of the big piece of Green paper. Thanks for playing along at Scrap Friends :) XO

  5. Fabulous! a sketch is only a way of starting a layout anyways.. and I always seem to use larger photos and make a larger version of a sketch too.. love the dancing reindeer... and what a wonderful photo too!!

  6. Love the depth that you made in this layout. Cute little reindeer, and the snowflakes are gorgeous. Nice photo of the fam. too. Great page, Mitra.

  7. Those dancing reindeer are stealing the show here!! Love this photo of you all under the Eiffel Tower. Love all the christmassy papers you used on this one.

  8. Well, of course the reindeer dance in Vegas! You just don't hear about it because 'What happens in Vegas...'

    The glitzy snowflakes and show deer are the perfect embellishing for your Vegas trip and your layout is fabulous!


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