Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lexi & Daddy Big City Bright Lights Layout: Creative Scrappers Sketch

In a last ditch effort to finish off my Bright Light Kits from Scraptastic. I came up with this layout in conjunction with a Creative Scrappers Sketch.

Their challenge is over, but I liked the long linear design PLUS, I had a new snowflake punch to use that Shirley got me. No doubt I'll be using that one for a while! The snow here is crazy!

Here is a close up of my journaling & the punch. I really enjoyed spraying the snowflakes with glitter. I am all about glitter these days...probably too much exposure to Las Vegas with the glitz and the glam!

I took this photo of THE MAN and Lexi at the Bellagio. We got lots of hand holding. For one thing, there were a lot of people and my son was scared he'd get lost again, so they held our hand a lot. Seeing how they are getting older, I am thinking this is going to be rarer and rarer.

And a close up of my title and also my blooms. The large blue one was sent to me by Kristy. They lasted two whole minutes on the cardboard before I ripped them off and used them. Of course the darker blue is a Lizzy Hill bloom. I love those things!

And guess what! It's almost Friday! Happy Dance!


  1. oo This is fabulous! and I love the story of them holding hands.. it is sweet and I miss that from my 3 older ones.. miss 12 still holds my hand, and I hope it stays like that for a bit longer.. probly when she hits the teens she will think what a dag I am !! Love that light blue flower, and the snowflake punched edge is fantastic!!

  2. Gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeee that photo, the splatters and totally in love with the flowers!!

  3. That is terrific that you captured that picture! The sketch LO is amazing and what you did to take it to the next level, gorgeous. Always love your bits of extras that give it each LO a personalized look. The snowflake punch is out of this world!! Our snow is all melting..send more, please! :)

  4. Love your layout. I especially like the colors, and the way you put everything together. Super job, Mitra.

  5. Great page, and kids do grow up too fast... I eally want to know how Kristi made those great flowers - they sure help to make the page, but you coordinated colors well!

  6. Cool page Lexi is such a pretty name too - we have lots of Alexanders and Alexandras in our family!

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours - it has been a pleasure getting to know you in 2012 and I look forward to more in 2013

  7. I'm with the hand holding, too...enjoy it while you can. Just wait til they won't walk with you...well, maybe yours won't go through that stage . Apparently wearing ugg boots & track pants to the shops was just tooo much for my 13 yo..the younger one & I just laughed & taunted him!!!! I love the shapes behind along the left side & I'm salivating over the snow flake punch - looks great:):):):)

  8. Wow!!! What an amazing layout!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!! How sweet is that photo?! You did a great job with the sketch. I love the bracket shapes behind the photo. Super sweet page Mitra!


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