Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Engage Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

Survived yesterday and today is bright and cold. Great for posting a brand new page for a brand new challenge.

Oh and my Mum (have to use the Australian term 'cause I can!) is feeling better, but still is in the middle of the flu. Had another bout of chills this am but this time they knew they could control it with meds. So it's heading in the right direction. Thank you all so much for caring and posting nice comments. Dad said they made him tear up this am.

I decided to do a page using my one little word for this year. Another Freaking Scrappy has the coolest challenge up about resolutions:  What will be your new year's resolution this year, or scrap about your resolution another year. Were you successful? Would you do it again?? Or what do you wish you could resolve and stick to???

I like the One Little Word concept because you have to really think how you will apply it.

For me, last years was Bedrock. I felt like I did a good job at being really supportive of my family.

This year, I want to focus on staying in the moment. With smart phones and eighteen trillion things distracting me, I don't want to miss those moments with my family. All too quickly they could be gone.

Love the colors for this page. I used the December All of the Lights Scraptastic Kit and actually killed it. I think I made four complete pages.

The flowers were not included, but the pink one was one in the batch Shirley gave me. Love the little banners that came along in the kit. SO much fun!

Here is a close up of my banners and also my glittery title.

One last close up so you can see the little key. I like to exclaim GOODNESS when something surprises me.

I thought it was funny to get a key sticker saying just that! Can you see it in the upper left hand corner?

And talking about the photo just a bit....

I was trying to take a photo of the Red Rock sign, which you can just see in this photo while we were in Las Vegas. Redrock Cayon is awesome if you ever get out to Vegas. Sorry, I am rock head still at heart (Geology Major, thank you very much).

So have a play if you will with our challenge. I enjoyed all the DT pages to see what their goals & dreams were for this new year. Very inspiring!


  1. That photo - SUPERBO!!!! The way you've used the twine - FANTASTICO!!! And I adore those splats of green...gotta love colour as well as Mum's...glad you've worked out the problem & got a solution...phew!!!! And...this's coming, you just KNOW i've gotta say it....ROCKS:):):)

  2. Nice page, Mitra. Love your one word concept for a resolution.

  3. Amazing layout and story to go with it, you'd love parts of the outback in Australia with all the ROCK history and unbelievable mining. Love your page especially the large flower and its gorgeous centre.
    Also glad to hear your mum is on the road to recovery.

  4. Gotta love a good rock place to visit - you really will have to make the trip down here - lots of old rocks to admire...

    Glad your Mum is better, makes me grin every time i see you say Mum, very funny.


  5. HI..SO glad your Mum is doing as well as can be.. and give your Dad a bloggy hug from us in blog land! and I love that photo too.. sometimes the best photos are the ones unposed that we find by accident when looking through the days photography... and gota love all the interesting stuff on this layout.. fabulous word too.. mine is learn.. I got a new smart phone.. I just hope it is not too smart for me!!haha.. still trying to work it out.. but at least I am a bit smarter than it as I can turn the power off!! Take care!

  6. Love your layout and story behind it and glad to hear your Mum is doing better

  7. Such great news to hear that the lovely side effects of the flu can be controlled now, not so cool that your mom has to endure that fun though. :( I wish her all the best and a continued speedy recovery. Your page is so FULL of delightful colors and detail and the vintage images on the flag border are AWESOME!!!

  8. While I generally balk at resolutions, I love this idea! More of a mantra than a resolution to be quickly forgotten... Your page is marvelous and I love that you have included the goodness key and gifts from those dear to you, very fitting!
    Sorry to hear that your Mom is sick and hope she is feeling much better soon! Emergency trips to the hospital are the worst!!


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