Monday, January 21, 2013

Whatever the Season: GROW page for Get Creative

The other day we went for a walk out back in our woods. The snow had melted enough and the walking was not hard through the snow.

All through the woods laid out flat on the snow like little golden gems were these pretty birch leaves. Thought with a bit of gloss spray and some glitter, they would be a fun addition to a page.

Used a super cool sketch from Get Creative along with my new flowers from Irini & her etsy store who is also the blog owner over there in Greece! Flipped it a bit and got crazy with various mediums. I just needed to get my fingers dirty!

Can you see that lovely Irini Flower in the lower left hand corner near the lovely silver deer from Jeanie? Irini also sent me a card with those cardboard banners that I used at the bottom and the base of her card is behind my photo. 

And can you see there  a rock sticking out of the snow in the photo? It was covered with lush green happy moss. 

It's deep winter here. Chilly and cold, yet this moss continues to thrive and grow. Perhaps with the leaves off the trees and all the snow, it gets more moisture and sunshine than in the summer. 

I felt there was meaning there in the moss growing in the snow and wanted to make a page. I think that we need to keep growing regardless of the season or where we are at in life.

I am a firm believer in setting goals and continual growth!

On that same lines. I got an awesome link with some great graphics that discuss goal setting. I am posting that tomorrow with a few more thoughts on growth. It's worth sharing I feel. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Stunning page, Mitra! Love the way you did the title :)

  2. Well spoken and I look forward to seeing that post. Thank you for sharing a beautiful and inky LO! :)

  3. Those deer are perfect for this page!
    Alison xx

  4. Wow love the theme and title for this page. Glad you could use the deer so creatively.

  5. I LOVE this...I want to enlarge it so I can look at it in the heat & chill out!!!!!!!!!!! Very deeply philosophical there, Miss M....but true! New Years bring new thoughts which often translate into new actions. That's life!!!!!!!!!

  6. OO I would like to pick up some of that snow and rub it on my face at this very minute.. soo humid here today.. your layout looks like it was very therapeutic as well as lovely looking.. a great sketch too!!

  7. I absolutely love the birch leaves. That brings found art to a new level! Beautifully scrapped Mitra.

  8. I just love the way you use those dark colors..! Beautiful page!!! Thanks for joining us at Get Creative once again and good luck!!!

  9. Mitra Lee WOW!!!!!!
    talk about colour!
    love the page and I love how you used the flowers! love love love you!!!

  10. Gorgeous page! Sorry that you are so chilly there!! I did love France as freezing as it was but I can imagine that living like that so much of the year round can get rather inconvenient.

  11. excellent composition and layout!!

  12. WOW Mitra! What a beautiful page!!! Love the colors and the photo, too!!! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Get Creative!

  13. Beautifully done, very creative ... love the background!


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