Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Mouse Mobile and House of Mouse: REPOST from 2012 due to Mouse Incident

So, the other day at work, I was minding my own business on a conference call discussing what survey we had to do the following week when I got the following text messages:

Designer 1: OMG there were mice living in Micah's golf bag and they got out in his truck

and then several minutes later.....

Designer 2:  Micah just called to talk about my project on his way to that golf event. He figured out that his golf clubs had a nest of mice that are now lose in his truck. (Mind you, this is our company truck) In the middle of taking to me he said M-fer there are mice loose in my truck and started smashing stuff while driving. How am I suppose to take anything he said seriously?

Now, this is my day to day. I kid you NOT. I honestly think we could make more money filming a reality show vs actual work.

Of course, being on a conference call with the rest of my company, I shared that valuable piece of news with everyone else in particular other guys golfing with Micah. Something that noteworthy needs sharing. Besides, his golf game obviously stinks if mice have enough time to nest in his bag....

Now the following day, despite my attempts to alert my company to avoid riding in the Mouse Mobile, they all get in his truck to go to a company function.

Surveyors are a stoic bunch typically with quiet dispositions unless of course you are the big dude stuck in the very back of the Suburban and a mice runs up your arm. I really felt for that guy. They said he screamed like a girl.

So, this weekend, THE MAN decided we needed to get our wood all stacked and ready for winter, since snow flakes will be flying any day now.

I offered to help since I have a free membership for life at the Gym of Pratt.

I grabbed a nice hollow piece of wood and out popped a mouse.

I screamed like a girl myself and then started bellowing a war cry. It's a damn good thing that mouse ran like his life depended on it as I was out for blood. He managed to allude me in a pile of unstacked of wood. Of course, THE MAN stopped the wood splitter to watch his wife lose it.

This morning he promised if we finished stacking the pile I'd find my mouse and would get a second wack at it.

He lied. I knew that mouse had long since moved on to bigger and better places to live. He is living in our wood pile waiting for me to wake him up during the winter while feeding the boiler. I am sure I will scream like a girl, drop a piece of wood on my foot perhaps even saying bad words. Oh the things to look forward to in a few months...

Happy Monday!


  1. That is one mean stack of wood...amazing to think you will use all that & all we have is an couple of 3 bar electric wall radiators!!! I feel a tad sorry for the mouses without (proper) houses...tough life having boys& girls screaming at you. I mean, they must get a complex about themselves after a while..... :):):):)

  2. I laughed a lot at that one! Having had a couple of 'teenage' mice run up my leg and end up taking up a short term rest in my baggy sweatshirt... I can relate! (snuggy warm for a while)
    Super wood shed by the way, and I bet the blue tarp becomes mouse nesting material somewhere! ahh, life in the country! Gretchen

  3. oo i can so relate.. I hate the horrid creatures.. but your wood looks neat all stacked up!

  4. I had no idea when you shared that text with me on Skype the extent to which that conversation was going to go...LOL! Oh a day in the life.
    Ummmm, got wood? That's incredible and now doubt your winter will probably use it up.
    You do know those things breed faster than you can blink. Just in the time you've read this, there's probably a herd of them out there now.
    Please don't drop anything on your foot!

  5. Oh my! Mice!! What about snakes? Any of those about? That would be more likely here although we do have cane rats here as there are sugar cane fields all around Durban (sugar is farmed here in abundance) and those rats are the size of small cats!

  6. Love your wonderful story! Our first year in our home in the country was quite similar. I am a farm girl and while I do not like them around, I know they are there. DH was a different story...
    Now that is a stack of firewood...


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