Monday, November 18, 2013

San Pedro Cusco Market Layout for Scrap For Help

One of my favorite parts of Peru was visiting the markets. We don't have fresh produce like this at all! It was amazing!

This lady in the San Pedro Market in Cusco gave us a knife demonstration. She could slice veggies faster than a food processor!

I recall one young lady showing us prepackaged veggies that she had ready for lady shoppers who didn't cut their own up. She said it with a smidge of disdain as if these ladies were cheating their family! ;-)

I had a Americans cheat on all kinds of food preparation all the time, it's called FAST FOOD.

I used a bottle cap on the top of this page for some decoration. I did smash it first in my Big Shot. Liked the lemon on a page about food. :-) Also works nicely with the bottle cap requirement over at Scrap For Help!

Not a lot of things needed to decorate on this page, but I did use some chippy pieces from Lizzy Hill under my flowers.

Slowly wrapping up my Peru Albums.

I am anxious though as it's been over a year!

Happy Monday!


  1. Really? Over a year! Whoa! Time DOES fly....this looks like an old fashioned vinyl record......wondering if you meant it to? Or is it just how I look at things.....& cooking this way IS 'old fashioned', to us Westerners, isn't it? But I think it's BEST. Wish we could go back to it a little least we have some vegies growing. That always satisfies the 'hippy-back-to-naturer' in me:):):)

  2. Fabulous use of the patterned papers, and we eat a lot of veggies here, not much fast food!!


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