Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love Cards for Fun

Darn cards kept getting blown over when I was taking photos of them! And yes, that is real snow! Brrrrr!

I had some snippets of card stock at the very bottom of a kit that I was trying to use up, so made a few cards. Also, the gold embellishments were so pretty! ;-)

They are a bit early, but it's always nice to tell someone that you love them!

I am not usually a card maker, but once in a while I get in the mood....

Just like accordion blooms....I made a pile so you will be seeing those for the next five posts or so!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful card..love the accordion fold blooms.. :)

  2. Cute cute cute....even if they were snow blown!!!! Yup, those accordion blooms get my tick too....LOVELY:):))!!!!!

  3. Fantastic cards !! I loved the play of pp on all three cards .look trendy !

  4. These are really lovely, and the accordion flowers look perfectly made..


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