Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cake Curses and Birthdays

So being a typical Pratt male, I finally extracted birthday plans from my son earlier this week. Not like my daughter who started planning the 2013 bash in 2012.

I had kinda forgotten about treats at school since 5th grade here involves switching classes and is Middle School.

He mentioned something say like Monday night and I forgot to call and order a cake until yesterday at noon.

Since birthday cake needed to go to school today, I was cutting it a bit close. Cake pun.

Not sure if the lady on the phone misheard me, but we ended up with half a sheet cake. It was friggin

HUGE! ;-)

I would have argued but the lady baked me a cake in four hours! 

I have NO IDEA what 25 kids will do with slices of cake that big.....and I'd feel bad but it's not our fault.

The CAKE CURSE has struck again.

It goes all the way back to my wedding cake...and recently struck most horribly in the LUCK CAKE FIASCO of 2011.

Of course too much cake isn't a bad thing unless you are a worried Mom about a possible grumpy teacher. I am hoping someone makes her aware that we are under a cake curse and she is lucky there is one at all. It's not like they spelled his name wrong this year too. (yes I deliberately used the word Luck be punny)

Since the cake was GIANT, I had to drop the kids off to school with it. Got a texted photo from my daughter. She likes to play around with photo editing on her phone so I was trying to figure out what she wrote on the bottom of the photo.

Turns out it was on the cake I made sure to crop it so I could read it...

Did just get an update on the GIANT CAKE. My boy told the teacher to share it with her teacher friends...and that my friends is why we call him a bit of a brown nose. In Spain referred to as an eye licker...

Have a good one where ever you are! Happy 11th Luke or Luck!


  1. This is gorgeous!! I love love love the feathers and that mesh material!!!!!

  2. Well I think I would rather have too much then not enough!! love the feathers on your layout!! and in our language a brown noser is also a crawler....hehe!!

  3. You can NEVER have too much or too big a cake...betcha the whole school loves Luke now:):)
    And I'm still groaning from those cake puns:):):)
    PS: Those flowers with the muslin look fab:):)

  4. Love your page......and I can't believe the cake saga is still continuing!!! You do have a really cool 11 year old.


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