Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hitching a Ride for ScrapFriends

It really is a fabulous sketch. The feathers called me in and then the dots...

You can ALWAYS count on ScrapFriends for sketch that is not average which usually results in a page that is far from average! ;-) (kinda like me giggle!)

Also kinda like today. Snow wayyyyyy before I was ready so NOT your average day.

I managed to grump about it most of the morning until THE MAN pointed out it is quite possibly the end of allergies finally for all of us.

Plus, my lovely photo taking deck is now out of order...unless you come up with plan b!

Wait...did that give you Aussie girls a 'lil chill?  How about this photo?

I got wool socks on...I'm not cold! Just have also not put the sandals away either....I am a FASHIONISTA! so there!

My favorite part is of course the layers and inked up feathers, and flowers....and a photo of my Lexi hitching a ride on the wagon with her friends on her birthday across the creek.

They had quite a fun little hike, but it's always nice to not get your feet wet! ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Its lovely ! I too loved the inked feathers n your handmade flowers , colored dots look wonderful too !

  2. Well I almost had my outside looking like that today.. we had a massive hail storm, lots of hail on the ground.. but it has melted away now.. unlike yours.. which looks .. cold!! fabulous take on the SF sketch too, I love all your dots!! and fabulous feathers too!!

  3. They called me in too, to click right through and tell you how much I like this page! It's glorious.


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