Monday, November 4, 2013

THE CUTTING CAFE Treat Pizza Boxes

Regina came up with the coolest idea the other day. 

Pizza boxes! I do love Pizza! 

Check them out over at THE CUTTING CAFE. If you check back on Wednesday for the reveal & leave a comment, you may just win something from her store!

They are pretty slick. I cut four of these out with my cutter in short order.

Now, I must admit, I was getting really low on the clear acetate I used for the window, so made one oval. Which reminds me a whole lot more of a kleenex box....but I am sure the chocolate will taste the same! 

While I was cutting one, I folded & glued the first. Worked pretty slick!

Luke is fast approaching his 11th birthday so I thought it would be cool to have pizza treat boxes for your friends full of candy. 

Had to keep the little decorations really simple and manly, so channeled my inner Tim Holtz. 

I spray painted big washers and gears and just added an initial to each one.  

The actual tie on the boxes is sinew, so even THAT is manly! No bakers twine for my boy!

Hope your Monday is going well, ours is off to a cold frosty start!


  1. I loved this boxes full of Chocolates ;) !

  2. oh my girlie, i love so rock...hugs

  3. Your Luke is going to LLLLLLOOOOOOOVE you muchly with these....they look fabbo....AAAAH-CHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a fabulous idea! they look great!

  5. Great job and a very cute idea.

  6. You are a rockin' good mom to make these for your son! Great project!

  7. The raffia is perfect for the says "I'm masculine but fun" without having to use barbed wire; which also says, "I'm masculine, but on steroids"...probably a party foul. The use of the metal washers is a brilliant (you get mom points) idea!!

  8. Great idea. Love the boxes. I'd take the candy if they don't want it. hahaha

  9. Oh gosh, I love these candy boxes. The washers and initials are fabulous and add the perfect manly touch.

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