Friday, November 8, 2013

Put A Lid On It

A while back I was making lunches in the wee hours of the morning and I tried to open some Chef Raviolis to put in my daughter's Thermos.

Notice the one in the image below has a PULL TOP. Our store does not SELL THOSE. Grrrrrr!

No matter what I did, I could NOT get the can open with my lame old can opener and proceed to get extremely grumpy over the whole process. May have said something snotty about how difficult my life was and just might have called the can a piece of steaming pile of poo. (please insert adult version of that phrase)

You would THINK getting sideways at 6 am might have taught me a lesson.

But no it is nearly two months later and I finally threw the old can opener away. One of the handles fell off which was the last straw.

It's like somehow I thought it would FIX ITSELF in the drawer.

Technically since the damn thing cost a small fortune several years ago and probably has a life time warranty, I may have wasted money...but not all is lost.

Who says a new can opener cannot buy happiness?

So the fine folks at OXO also included a can rim with my new can opener so I could feel for myself how amazingly smooth the edge was. Since I had already ripped open the box from Amazon and torn open all the plastic packaging, it was a bit after the fact.

I stared at that little round metal lid for a whole minute contemplating uses before opening my can of tuna for lunch.

As the label for the tuna can fell off in my hand as I rinsed the whole can & lid for recycling, I had an epiphany.

They are kinda cute little metal cans that should have little glass knobs and pretty flowers....

Stay tuned...I have plans for some spray paint, paper, modge podge dimensional glue, and some flowers...

Fun times await...

Now to get out the fishy smell......


  1. Crazy woman.....I've NEVER had these thoughts about lids or can. Especially stinky TUNA ones...however, I will stayed TUNAed cos you're the Mistress of The Change....& this looks really, really pretty:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow !! Its really pretty !!Lucky can to get such makeover :D !!

  3. I am staying tuned for the next chapter in the little tin lid saga...

  4. OMG....this is brilliant. Will there be a sequel with SPAM??? Oh I hope I hope I hope!!!
    Please forgive me my immense excitement. I meant no disrespect.
    RIP you steaming pile of poo can opener.....


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