Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Patric Page for Fun

I do love sunny days even if the glittery decks are really cold on the stocking feet! ;-)

Just popping in with a little Hump Day post and a recent photo of Miss Patti, our dog. 

Since Lexi traded me her cat for my dog (don't ask, since the animals rarely do what we'd like them to do anyhow, it was more in name) she has decided to rename Miss Patti. 

Patric is what she calls her. It sounds like PA-TREEEEECE the way Lexi says it. She says it's spelled just like Patricia minus the ia. Seems like it should have an e....She says it with a bit of an accent. The dog doesn't care if she also hears the sound of a bouncing tennis ball....

I though it fit this rather regal photo of Patti. Plus you can see see those pretty fall leaves floating around the lawn from a few weeks back...they were all frost covered this morning!

Loving dotty paper, drips of ink, and perfect pearls in the center at the moment. 

Of course, I always love a nice staple!

Hope you are having a fine middle of the week!


  1. Such a cool page! Love the blue drips...really ties the page together.

  2. Nice one - not sure about the name change - I like Miss Patti - but worthy of a scrap page, I reckon:):) I really like the 'wavy' lines around the edges, too:):) And the snow has gone. I guess a bit of ice is OK, long as the sun is shining, eh???!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh well at least Patti still loves you all.. love the angle of the photo.. and fabulous design on your page too...and love that dotti back ground paper too!!

  4. What a cutie Miss Patti is!! Loving that you still get a touch of sunshine in the freeze!! Great artsy page!!!


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