Thursday, November 14, 2013

Of Mice and Cats

reposted last year's mouse story to make myself feel better...
in hopes that the trauma of the day's events would be erased...
THAT did not work so decided to tell you all about the mouse drama instead....

I was pretty convinced it was going to be a rough day when I dumped my entire cup of coffee down my night stand and onto the floor. THE MAN took sympathy on my sobs, handed me a towel, and went back downstairs to get me another cup.

The day starts at 5:30 am at my house and it was not far past that early hour.

A while later I was moving the laundry basket and realized that the cat had cornered a mouse.

The cat has numerous odd behaviors for things like flies, lint, legos, and hair bands. Since a mouse in the house is kinda rare, it was unexpected on my part. I didn't take it well, dumped the laundry in my arms and started shrieking.



Luke brought me a fly swatter and Lexi brought me my nice green antique ceramic bowl. Perhaps for throwing at the mouse? It was unclear.

Meanwhile the mouse went invisible.

THE MAN leaned over the the top of the stairs and suggested that I leave it for the cat.

He reasoned calmly from afar. HONEY, the last time we had a mouse in the house, you and I went on the warpath and broke things. Just leave it. The cat needs something to do today anyhow.

Hours later the cat starts yowling.

My over active imagination has the mouse ripped apart and bleeding on my new chair.

I investigate.

The cat is still staring at the same place from hours earlier. So I get on my tummy and start messing around with the heating duct.

My over active imagination now has the mouse flying out and running up my face....

Found the little booger smooshed into the smallest little spot and use my sweatshirt over my hand to push him out...

Of course, he is now freely running down my hall way.

Thankfully my oldest had thought to keep her door shut therefore room mouse free, so I am able to pounce on the mouse and wrap it my sweatshirt covered hand.

I run for the back door and throw the mouse like a football onto our snow covered grass.

I watch him run off unharmed squeeking loudly to his friends...hey, there is this awesome house and I know a way the cat is such a wuss....

The cat continues to protest the loss of his new toy for another half hour until he has to nap from the morning's adventures.

I don't want a nap, but the rest of the day off.....touching live mouse must equate to mental health day....


  1. ooo touching a mouse deserves a week off... horrible little things.. I hate them... and your cat needs to watch you tube and find out how to catch a mouse, after all everything you need to know is on you tube!!

  2. Crumbs! about a day going from worse to worst...but you SURVIVED!!!!! And so did the cat :):):) not a nice day to get tossed out though....from the mouses POV.....

  3. So brave! so glad he didn't bite you through the sweatshirt. He will tell everyone of the fantastic theme park he just visited where the finale is flying through the air without wings!


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