Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wise Guys Layout

There is always a story behind a page isn't there.....

So a while ago we started planning Luke's birthday party.

Lexi pretty much told us what she wanted for her party, which was not the case with this one.

I guess we could have skipped all the discussion and went with the the theory that five boys just want to play!

So, my kids have assigned vacuuming chores on the weekends. That way they know what goes into keeping a clean house and what makes a house dirty.

It was a proud moment when Luke told his four friends to take their shoes off at the door upon their arrival.

However, the house was not to stay clean for long.

In a fit of madness, THE MAN and I decided to take six perfectly clean kids on a wagon ride around the trails. The first five minutes of the ride erupted in giggles as we crossed the first wet area in the field and they got splattered.

Encouraged, THE MAN decided to take them over the back trail.

We soon realized our folly.

Boys are mud magnets. And then we got stuck.

We had to unload them in the swamp to get the 4-Wheeler out!

Thankfully most of them were wearing actual boots...

Of course shifting the 4 Wheeler down for optimal mud splattering when we were heading down over the second creek crossing might have also not been a good thing....

A twenty minute ride resulted in a load of laundry, small boys running around just in shorts, and dirt EVERYWHERE. The problem was there weren't any clean people as the adults in charge were also covered.

NOW keep in mind that although some of the kids at the party were from the country and used to the mud, some had never ever been that dirty before.

Of course it did not help Tommy was putting mud on everyone's head. I knew he was since I was watching from the back of the 4-Wheeler, but was laughing too hard really to be at all helpful.

A little mud is always good for a kid, makes them grow better I think...hope the parents thought so too when they came to pick up kids and I was digging clothes out of the laundry basket still pretty damp...

Anyhow, we are mud-sliding into Friday now!

Have a good one!

P.S. that orange ribbon is from the rocket that caught on fire during our birthday rocket launch, but that is a story for another day. ;-)


  1. And I reckon the boys said they was the best day eva!!! Love the background and love the zigzag under the photos too!! and yep have to agree boys are dirt magnets!!

  2. This is fabulous!! I loveeeeeee the owls, the photos and the splatters!!!!!

  3. Great page along with great fun. Yup, a little mud is good for all.

  4. Mud Magnet..:D !!! You posts are wonderful to read always..I enjoyed this one thoroughly...

  5. Bet they'll remember this those zippy chevrons, the pops of colour & I can see a doily mask bg, yes, I can!!!! My Lucas danced in the rain this morning. And tried to swat flies in the puddles...well, he was swatting the puddles with a fly swat!!!!! Such FUN...have a good weekend:):)


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