Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Merger Of Sorts

I have been wanting a new jewelry armoire since the dog chewed the base of the last one I had. Since I can't remember which dog and neither of my pooches are pups that do such things anymore, it's been a while.

I recently spent a fair amount of time shopping for one on-line and my favorite was something with pearl inlay and looked antique. The price tag was hefty, around $700. 

Could not stomach that price tag so I started looking at used armoires and thinking about building/redoing my own out of a card catalog. (Still want a card catalog, but have no idea why!!!)

Craig's List kept coming up short and it started to seem more and more complicated with having to line the drawers and build something to hang necklaces. 

So, I went back to shopping on line and gave myself a limit to what I could spend. Found the black jewelry armoire for around $100, which is almost half price to similar ones I've seen in stores.

It was way shorter than my old one, which by the way looks ten times nicer in this photo than it is in real life. Careful placement does not allow you to see the base that was chewed or that it's extremely wobbly!

THE MAN as always came to the rescue with some sage advice. Hand him a problem he can solve with tools and he's on it. I was not big on the new one being a lot shorter but was cool with the actual storage part of the new box. 

So, we went shopping again for something that would work to make it taller. 

Found this end table for super cheap on-line.
And we married the two! It was actually a whole lot easier than I thought. THE MAN being good at that sort of thing. I also have four nice left over wooden legs ready for the next crazy project. 

It makes me happy everytime I walk by it! The only thing I'd change? I want to distress some of those little details so it looks older. I decided to just let it age by itself for now. I'm also on the look out for something pretty to put on the bottom shelf. It seems to need something.....that I'm sure to turn up at some point out junkin!

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Loooooove it!!! A great marriage indeedy, as Shirley so dryly declares...you two could put anything together & make it look as if it's always been like that! Me? Can't WAIT to see what you do with your spare legs.....give some to the Man so he can do some extra running around for you????!!!! Or, hey, you might need them for those junk shop trips 'til you come up with that special something for your jewellery cabinet...can't wait til I see that, either;);)!!!!!

  2. You are so clever, this looks superb! and I am sure those legs wont have to wait too long for some sort of body!!

  3. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Your persistence paid off and the dynamic duo have certainly created a head turner for a jewelry holder. I love how you solved the height issue and I'm on board with the rest to see what you devise with 4 spare legs....

  4. Looks fabulous! Great to have a handy man around!


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