Monday, August 11, 2014

2 Much Fun: Patti the Dog Layout

Moving here has been ruff on our dog Patti. With ceiling to floor windows in my office, she spends from dawn to dusk watching out for infiltrators. She is usually found under my desk on her dog blanket, but not sleeping.

By infiltrators, I mean:  stray cats, chipmunks, rabbits, a groundhog, blowing leaves, birds, UPS guys, you name it...anything that could possibly violate the peace and quiet.

She has lost weight running after the chippies but has a shine in her eye.

I don't necessarily think she wants to EAT them, just befriend them. Which is why I used the little telephone and the hey friend tab.

Fell in love with these accordian blooms all over again. Wish I had cut a ton more. Also love that little bow on my title!

Hope your Monday was terrific!


  1. Love your you've designed it....& accordion blooms does your Patti.....tough life having to Look After The Family when you're a dog!!!

  2. Love the story behind your layout and love the photo, Patti is on the job for sure, bless her and I agree , just renovating was hard on our poor old dog. Love the design and the little telephone and hello friend very clever

  3. Love that, Patti, dog. Pretty layout, I especially like the flower punches down the side.

  4. Oh yes I hope she has settled into the new surrounds ok too..lots for her to get used to.. love that photo, fabulous layout too.. and love the accordion flowers!

  5. Knowing this dog, I see that she is in seventh heaven. The layout and the picture are precious. Colors, great! Outstanding. Thanks!


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