Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fire Tower Layout from PA Grand Canyon

The owner of the campsite we stayed at a couple weekends back during our trip to the PA Grand Canyon told us about the fire tower that was just a short hike from camp. 

She said she had never climbed it even when she weighed a lot less due to fear of heights. Now, I normally don't have a fear of heights unless of course are you asking me to climb off the ladder and onto the roof....and that I vote no on.  

It didn't seem too high from the ground. Looked pretty cool even. So we payed our $2 to the unmanned visa machine and entered into the thicket at the bottom. I even had the kids crouch down in the jungle! See them below?

At some point half way up when we ran across something that had left jinourmous droppings containing small mammal bones and someone else reminded us all about the scene from Jurassic Park where they were in the 

pterodactyls cage...I felt myself start to sweat and feel jittery. 

Scene from Jurassic Park

I was much more excited when we got to the top and I could sit in the MIDDLE of the tower away from the sides..

What a great view though and not a dinosaur in sight!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. No way would you get me up on top of that.. besides the fact I just might have a coronary from the exercise...... puff puff.. but a fabulous layout about it.. and I saw Jurassic park in the cinema.. my hubby and I though we would go and see the nice movie about Dinosaurs... about 20 minutes in we realized this was NO nice movie about dinosaurs...

  2. I'd climb it...I prefer cathedral towers in Europe...but fire thingies in the USA would do me!!!! I spy GOLD on your page.....NICE!!!!!

  3. I love the colours. I bet it was worth if for the view. Love how you used the flair for your o

  4. What a fantastic layout! Very creative and with a great story behind. Love it :)


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