Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stalker Tree Frog & the Tarantula

Today started off with a bang. Got my first work email at o-dark-thirty complaining we had mis-spelled a road. Since we were using official Department of Transportation maps for the name, it was confusing to me that we were wrong. HOWEVER, in the interest of making everyone happy we renamed the road to what THEY wanted. ;-)

Having got that settled right about mid-morning, it was time for a potty break. Wandered to the bathroom in my room and was about to settle in, when I noticed a tarantula eye balling me.

Ok, so maybe it was just an extremely large wood spider.

Anyhow I already personally felt trampled on so decided that the tooth brush cup might be a good vessel to use to save the tarantula. You know, go outside where he's not watching me pee and roam free and all that. Plus isn't smashing 'em bad luck or something?

So, still having to pee stomped up to the front of the house all the while keeping an eye ball on ye old spider in the cup. Saving is a good thing but a saved spider crawling up your arm while you trying to set him free is not good at all.

Still keeping an eye on the spider I carefully tugged open the front door.

Had to give a rather good tug 'cause it sticks a little.

Just as I got it open and was ready to release the spider, something really wet and sticky fell on my head.

First impulse was to fling sticky wet thing as far away as possible and scream like a little girl.

Might been a little stomp in there too.

Turns out it was a tree frog.

Cute 'lil bugger!

We let him go in the bushes but some time I caught him stalking me!

I think I'll call him Doolittle after the road name we got wrong. ;-)


  1. Made me smile, and I hope Doolitttle is becoming your stalker friend. BTW, did you eventually get to pee???

  2. ooo spiders and frogs.. icky things!!

  3. Do frogs eat spiders? I thought he'd called in for a bit of Takeaway???!!!

  4. Goodness me that was quite a lot to take on before lunch!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Too funny! Thank you for the early morning laugh!

  6. LOL..loved the comments above. Your view out your door is drop dead gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE the frog stuck to your window. My son has 4 living in his window well. The spider...I'd rather not speak about it.


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