Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Patti's First Beef Ice Cream: IN HONOR OF NATIONAL DOG DAY

Two weekends ago we went camping at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Reviews of the campground had us worried, but since we hadn't planned ahead, it was that or stayin home! Basically they said the owners were grumpy with kids.

Turns out they just ran a tight ship, which is nice if you are looking for quiet, relaxing and drama free!

Anyhow, the kids and I walked over to the camp store to pick out ice cream. Now normally I'd send them over with money since they are old enough and keep toasting my toes by the campfire. Instead, I picked out my own ice cream.

Lexi pointed to an ice cream cup labeled dog ice cream and said we should get it for THE MAN as a joke.

Of course I was in! He wouldn't fall for it of course, but it would be worth a giggle.

The owner who cashed us out pointed out nicely that it was DOG ICE CREAM not meant for people.

Without thinking, I said oh I know. I am buying it for my husband.

Poor lady gave me a hairy eye ball.

Patti was not too sure about the beef ice cream when we got back, but she gave it her best shot!

THE MAN did think it was funny but wasn't fooled. Didn't offer to try it either!

Happy Tuesday & Happy National Dog Day!


  1. Dog icecream? SERIOUSLY....I don' t think we have that in Aussie.....how NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He looks like he is enjoying it. Our dog likes to have an ice cream if we are having one, in fact he thinks he SHOULD have one. Fab layout.


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