Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pencil Layout: May contain inappropriate words ;-)

In all honestly, the garage has been busting our balls. Well, not that I personally have them....

Shortly after we built these new benches, we discovered that the roof leaked around the new chimney of the new wood stove we had installed. Being fixers, we fixed the leaking part of the roof last weekend and have all the stuff to redo the stove pipe.

It has made us grumpy though to keep fixing and fixing, not to mention that we sweated buckets on Sunday fixing the roof. However, this layout made me smile.

See, when we were building these benches together, THE MAN kept referring to his pencil as a penis.

Since you need a pencil A LOT when you are cutting boards to fit, it got to be quite funny.

Have you seen my penis?

Oh no, the penis just rolled on the floor and under the cabinet!

Oh my, the penis is quite small!

If you have a 6th grade sense of humor like I do, you will giggle every.single.time.

Ok, so I might be laughing as I typed this even.

And yes, I kept the penis, I mean pencil.

Along with some silver splatters, roses with blue centers, red twine, and some metal foil, I also encorporated a super old nail I pulled out of some boards we were scrapping. It's rust made me happy. See it sneaking in there at the top?

Anyhow, hope this made you laugh on this fabulous Hump Day. (ok, giggling all over again!)


  1. Oh that is such a funny page , and really made me laugh out loud. Love the rusty nail addition.x

  2. Yup, giggling too.... Did his penis need much sharpening??? Or a rubber after he'd used it??!!!! Bit late - already left his mark!! Oh! You called them ERASERS, right?!! AND to top it all off I've a new fave page.... However you've created that bg circle?? Loooove ....& the overlapping one PLUS the ephemera.... Well, it makes the fixing worth while. Hope the penis got a good workout too;);)!!!!!

  3. This has actually left me speechless....hehe..

  4. I LMAO on this post 'cause I'm "this many" too.... ;)
    On a side note.. what a team you both are. I'm really impressed with the upgrades you guys are doing.


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