Thursday, August 7, 2014

Violet the Dragonfly: Altered Art Spindle for LESSology

A while ago I blogged about my creative process. I showed two of these spindles and some locks. To be honest, I thought the project with the top part of the spindle and the locks would be done first....

However, the bottom part of the spindle that I had cut off was calling me to make it into a dragonfly!

Dragonflies are one of my favorite bugs. We have several different varieties at the new house and I'm constantly saving them out of the garage when they accidentally get stuck.

This piece is that it can stand on its own which really made me happy. I used some really heavy gauge wire to twist up feet. I also love the delicate wings that I cut out of plain white paper on my Silhouette. Some alcohol inks & shimmer paint make them extra awesome.

I had fun posing my dragonfly a few different places. Here she is on my gazing ball. Maybe we should call her Violet.

Used some upcycled flowers from the second hand store, some that were hand made by Lizzy Hill, fellow DT member, and also some rolled roses that have been inked up.

Don't forget to check out Violet's twisted wire antenna and her pretty purple gem eye balls!

Hope you get a chance to play along with our Butterfly challenge over at LESSology!


  1. Oh wow now this is my new fav of yours.. I love your dragon fly, so very pretty.. love the flowers.. definitely a new fav for sure.. love all the flowers.. and the wings look so delicate..well done..

  2. LOOOOOOVE this...even the purple! Looks so shimmery & pretty & you are ABSOLUTELY one of the most innovative crafters around. This one proves it!!!

  3. I just have one word ... PINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Its Awesome !! I loved the altered spindle and those blooms in center !

  5. Love this SOOOOO much. The dragonflies with crutches are pretty groovy but this with spindles...GENIUS. What you've created is gorgeous. Purple is my favorite, but the fact that it stands up....brilliant!!!

  6. Very cool project! Love the colouring on the wings.

  7. This has to be Number One for me! Just love Dragonflies and this one is so beeootiful!!! Love it Mitra. x

  8. WOW----- Love "Violet". She is a true winner, Mitra. How original.


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