Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lovely Rockstar Burlap Jean Green Bag!

Check it out! Jean Green made me this awesome-sauce bag! I can't stand it it's so cute! I squeeled! It's designer! ;-)

It even smells good! (Well, who doesn't like the smell of burlap!)

Hold on, I will get you a close up!

I know, it's super cool! Right now I have it hanging up next to my purse in the hall so I can LOOK at it. I know you are supposed to USE it, but I am in the admiring it stage!!!

And here is the deal! I have just visited Jean on Facebook and Paula (her daughter) writes that Jean has fractures in her foot and knee! We need to send her healing power from everywhere! 

GET BETTER SOON JEAN! (that is my yelling voice so you hear me all the way over here in NY!)


  1. Ooooh! No wonder you's GORGEOUS....I'd be admiring too.....adding healing thoughts for Jean.....not a pleasant thing to have to deal with:) Enjoy smelling your bag as well as [eventually] using it!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's beautiful! I'll have to head over and wish her all the best. A fractured foot is no fun

  3. WOw! Lovely bag..burlap looks fab always ! No wonder you are still in Admiring stage ;D !

  4. ackkkkkkkkkkk that is cute...i hope your friend is feeling better

  5. Now that's a GORGEOUS bag worthy of much squealing!!! Prayers go out to your friend.


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