Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Crafternoon & Over the Top Affirmation Step Card

So here in the US women have parties FOR EVERYTHING.

There are cookware, lingerie (sex toys OMG), nail wrap, dips & mixes, and of course scrapbooking parties.

The hostess earns "points" toward free stuff after her guests order.

Mainly, and I know this might come as a shock, they are just plain fun regardless of how many points you earn.

A group of us in this area four years ago formed a group that met monthly and the person who hosts rotates.

After a four year gap, it's my turn again. One of the girls is a consultant for Close to My Heart which is a scrapbooking company that sells in the US and Canada.

To say I am nervous is an understatement.

Which quite possibly is why I designed an over the top card! I used mainly products from Close to My Heart with a smidge of mixed media fun thrown in.

A huge thanks to Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE who designed this cutting file and encouraged me back in the winter to give it a try. The file can be found here along with many other versions of step cards.

You can see the steps of the card here! Of course, it does fold flat, but with the amount of bling, it's almost better for a hand delivery!

My Mom who is finally feeling better after a recent surgery she had is coming to visit and will hang with us while we make this card! Pop on by if you're local to have a play with us!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Would love to.. oh thats right.. I am not a local.. have fun anyways.. love the colors on your card.. it looks wonderful!

  2. Heehee....I'm seconding Lizzy C!!! Really, REALLY nice for you to be able to get together with scrappy mates after so long in the Wilds!!! ENJOY! Your card is such a happy one.....loving your accordion blooms!!!

  3. I'm being a third on what the other two gals have commented. Would love to be there, BUT not really too local. Have fun. Hi to Gretchen too.

  4. Love the bright colours you have used on this, beautiful!


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