Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh what fun, a Thanksgiving Card for my centerpiece!

Turkey Day is here this year. We are hosting my Sis-in-Law with her peeps and Dad Pratt. Don't be horrified, but I have supper ordered for pickup. I was told quite firmly by Dad Pratt & THE MAN that all that meal prep is unnecessary and pizza would even be fine. Turns out the local grocery has meals to go, so I'm all over less work! My sis-in-law wants to scrapbook, so leaves more time for paper cutting!

This Happy Thanksgiving Word Shape File Template over at THE CUTTING CAFE could be used as a title for a scrapbook layout or a triple layer card! Love how the brown layer accents the blue & spattered fold. I also added a vintage key to symbolize family as well as some little silk leaves, yellow twine, and inked up flowers.

One more photo of my card and a little more of the hills in the background. You can finally see them from our house on the hill as all the leaves are finally off the trees! They were lovely in early fall and beautiful now too!

Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful card! It looks pretty huge!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & enjoy scrapping instead of cooking!!

  2. this is the most beautifulest card ever....i simply love it

  3. Beautiful, Happy Thanksgiving to you and I reckon the idea to pick up the food and scrap is a brilliant idea. Enjoy !

  4. LOVE it! The flower clusters make it look all pretty & the order in idea is a FABULOUS one - especially if it means more paper time! Now that's something to be thankful about:):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sigh.....what a happy scenery! Yeah you and your supportive family for realizing that football and scrapbooking and family take precedent. Cooking and sweating over hot stove, sooooo far down on the list. I unfortunately will be donning an apron.
    Your centerpiece card is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Is it as huge as it seems?? love that!

  6. Fantabulous! When I first looked at your card I thought it was a wood sign. You have a way of making paper look like anything but paper. Totally awesome!

  7. I think this would make a gorgeous wood sign!


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