Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shine at CMOG Layout or where Lexi gets more birthday fun

Since we were celebrating Lexi's birthday week, her friend Cora came to visit us for an overnight. It happened to be when we moved, her friend also moved to a nearby town. How is THAT for convenient!

Loving the white background with the really bright colors. It's cheerful. Kinda how my oldest gets when we take her to the Corning Museum of Glass and she sits through a hot glass show. She is even happier if she can sit through five shows back to back. Reminds me when she was little watching a Disney movie. After it was over she would yell AGAIN! AGAIN! like only a toddler could.

She also has figured out that they have a pretty epic cafeteria with great mac and cheese.

I enjoy the museum myself because it's a cool place. The Tiffany window in the back of Lexi and Cora is one of my favorites.

I'm back again tomorrow with my Seventh Tag for the Funkie Junkie Boutique.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOOOVE that dimension under the photo....the colours are so happy & that 'shine'...Heidi Swapp? It ROCKS!!!

  2. That is an awesome window, love the colors and the whole design of this looks wonderful.. i hope all the birthday partying was special!

  3. Firstly, that is the most outstanding backdrop for a photo. Secondly, that is the most gorgeous bowl of mac n' cheese. Thirdly, my daughter and I could live on mac n' cheese. Fourthly....The Mincklers also love Disney movies (over and over repeatedly) and lastly....what a GREAT moment to remember and capture from Lexi's birthday week! Nice job there Mom. :)

  4. Great layout. Happy colours!! Very convenient to have a friend close by & probably even better that they can't live in each others pockets!


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