Thursday, January 22, 2015

Junkin Sewing Table & Rock Top for my Big Shot

I have been STALKING the furniture section at the second hand store for weeks, months even! I really wanted a smaller table to keep my Big Shot on & out all the time. I have it on a shelf now and I think it's quite the PITA to have to pull it out and plug it in before use.

Now, my BIG SHOT is on it's last legs...I keep expecting it to die soon since we took it apart about a year ago to get it working again. I'd have already purchased a Vagabond, but they had similar reports about them breaking on Amazon. I guess I'll just wait until mine officially croaks....

Not to bitch, but is there any good reason we can't have some kind of good die cutting machine that is electric, can be easily opened & repaired, and a have a good warranty & customer support? Now, I can honestly say that both machines are quite I'd be willing to take something less pink for better working! I'd also pay more...anyone know anyone at Sizzix?

Anyhow, my point is that the table will likely outlast what is being stored on it, but that is OK. When you have a granite top....and a sewing table that is quite sturdy...I suppose it's to be expected.

The table itself has had the sewing machine removed already. Since I was only looking for the table itself, that was a big plus. $10 later and it was in my car! Of course that table is getting painted black and has to match! ;-)

The top was a steal earlier in the summer for $4. I believe the red gems in the granite are garnet, which makes it super cool to me. Since the top is an odd shape, I have to get it cut to size at a kitchen place. Hoping it stays in one piece! THE MAN tells me that the double top of the sewing machine table will work well to inset the stone into.

Check out pretty hand painted plate and crazy peacock...those were at the second hand store today too. Yes, I actually paid money for that crazy bird......

Wish me luck! That rock goes under the knife I mean blade on Monday!


  1. oo i hope it cuts for you ok.. and if I were that peacock I would keep an eye on my tail feathers.. they would look great on a layout!!! and I love my big shot..

  2. Ohhhh it looks great!! Can't wait to see how you alter it!!! And PITA ... lol ... had to laugh at that ... that's what I call the kids when they are on that last nerve! HA!!!!!

  3. I love your table and top piece, very cool. I wanted to tell you that I have had my Vagabond for over 2 years and it is still going strong, no issues. My original electronic Big Shot died, several times, was replaced once, but I have NEVER had any issues with my Vagabond.

  4. You are so funny...PITA...gotta remember that one. :) I am diggin' that plate and peacock! Off to check out your TCC post. xx

  5. Love your table, the the granite for the top, sad about your Big Shot, I always think I would like an electric machine, but then I think what will I do if there is an electric blackout, which we occasionally get,and then I can't do any card making, so I am sticking with my beloved Big Shot.

  6. How do you FIND these marvellous, fabulous, fantastic bargains? This is AMAZING....can't wait 'til it's had a Mitra Makeover....& garnets are my favest stones of all. MUCH nicer than rubies, in my mind.....good luck with it all:):)


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