Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet Treat 4 Mom: LESSology's Cupcake Challenge

Ever have those cupcake wrappers that get all icky as they are the one on the outside of the bunch? I am here to tell you don't toss them! Use alcohol ink on them! Love the color I got on mine!

It made a great base for the cupcake graphic I used and those pretty Prima flowers. And since the challenge over at LESSology is to use a cupcake on your project, it makes sense to me! Why not also use the wrapper!

I also used a couple pieces of cardboard that came in a package with my curtains & glued them together to make a heavy base for my card. See, Mum's Day is rapidly approaching and I wanted to make a cool gift card holder. I also wanted it all to match a previous box I made from THE CUTTING CAFE vending machine file. If you look really hard, you might see what I tucked in there for my Mom....but shhhh, don't tell her!

 Hope Mom enjoys her sweet treat as much as I am loving those sparkle green hearts and those gold letters!

Hope you get a chance to play along with us!


  1. You are so clever with your creating, and yes I have chucked out the outside cupcake papers cos they were too daggy to hold a cupcake! Love what you have done with yours! Fabulous card and gift holder!

  2. Ditto as Lizzy above....& having a 2nd look....really loving the bit of glitz and glam mixed with the pretties. Perfect gift holder for a Mum's gift. I'd be wanting to keep it, myself:)!!!!

  3. Love this gold letters! Mine are foamy. Yours look better! I have cupcake photos so I could do a page. Feeling incredibly lazy of late though haha so I won't promise. I started the year off with such a bang I feel like I've worn myself out already!!


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