Monday, December 21, 2015

All Things Christmas Wrap Up: Me on a Monday

The bad news is that Duncan ate a big spool of twirly ribbon. It was a huge roll so there were quite a lot of bits of soggy ribbon and then a whole big clump of ribbon mixed in with the black plastic chunks of the actual roll. Since twirly ribbon is most useful directly before Christmas, I was mostly thankful I was nearly done wrapping and could resort to using twine. He was being a terror due to the unjustness of being put out of the bedroom at one point so he might have a smidge of a vindictive side as it may...I have told him that Santa Paws may not deliver any presents, but he is unrepentant...

Made more cards this weekend, boxed up some things for was a wrap up kind of weekend...including real wrapping! The cards were of the simple variety, as in lots of washi tape and also some chunks of white cardstock that were precut and I just added a fold. Pretty proud of that punched star in the corner with that gem...

It was also a get the house ready for a holiday weekend...both trees are completely finished and the shoe caddy came back in the house after spray painting. I had planned big exciting things for the shoe caddy, but turns out just some simple white spray paint allows it to fade into the woodwork and just be useful...

And what is that little do-ma-hicker on the top? Why my new Cricket container! You can see I have utilized the same washi tape I used on the Christmas cards to also mask off the handle...THE MAN knew I was needing a new container to hold the crickets for the lizard and made me I write this I realize that it sounds like a menagerie around here...

And on that note, I will leave you!

Chirp chirp, happy crickets and Happy Monday!


  1. Hi There.. Your cards look wonderful.. and sorry to hear about Duncan and the twirly ribbon.. I hope you find it sometime in the future on your lawn... or maybe not.... and a cricket container.. looks good.. Happy Christmas to you and all of your family.. including the furry and not furry family!!!

  2. love your cards my year i am seriously going to enjoy the holiday season and do AND send out my very best...from making my own cards and wrapping things all pretty..i can get so busy with the business that I forget to put my special touch on the actual packages I give kiddos to you i love your laundry room or mud room...I need a bigger shoe caddy in our mud room/laundry room...hugs

  3. Duncan probably wanted to transform the one thing that was hogging your attention away from him...mission accomplished!!!.Way to go Duncan!...I know what eats the crickets...but will now Google what crickets eat in the Pratt food chain!!!

  4. Happy Christmas Mitra, your cards look great. I hope Duncan has no ill effects from eating the twine :(

  5. Enjoy the rest of the preparations this week Mitra. And have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Those cards look super duper & all the better for having that FABULOUS family photo on them! It really is a great mug shot of you all..... poor Duncan..... doggy downside is showing during the stressful-est time of the year, I'd say. I REALLY like your boot 'stall' even if it is just plain white. Man, that must've been hard to leave alone!!! And of course you needed a new cricket store. I'm just surprised it wasn't stuffed in your stocking!!! Nah. I'm sure more INTERESTING things are in there:) MErRY ChristMAS!!!!


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