Friday, December 18, 2015

Upcycled Grandma Skip Rose Paintings, Hardware, and Rivets

Sometimes I worry that things won't stay together. I stalk the adhesive aisle in most hardware stores for that very reason and I'm susceptible to words like "gorilla" when the word glue is after them. I can honestly say though, nothing really beats hardware for holding things together. In this case, rivets just added to the overall look and I got REALLY GOOD at using the rivet gun.

In fact, I'm so fond of the rivet gun, I am hinting heavily that one get placed in my stocking by Santa. Check them out! Aren't they pretty! Held those vintage hinges and that door plate right in place, not to mention the three canvases together. Just had to drill some pilot holes..after getting the placement just right!

My Aunt was going through some of my Grandma Skip's stuff and passed along these three canvases painted by my Gram Skip...or J.Mero as she signed them. I was careful to keep the overall paintings mostly untouched except for a few splatters. I added some washi tape, gold paint, and white splots here and there. The door plate was a gift from my Dad and I thought it all paired up nicely!

Check out my inspiration:

I got the idea of adding the door plate and putting the canvases together from Helen at Scrap Addict.
I am still trying to find her actual blog post to link up, but here is a photo to hold you over for the time being! Lucky for me I have the original piece on my wall!

Happiest of Friday's!


  1. Love how it turned out. They can now be displayed so nicely. Your Grandma would be so proud.

  2. Looks absolutely the 'hardware' addition. And it must be lovely to have some canvases actually painted by your Grandma Skip...pretty spesh:):)!!!

  3. Wow..beautifully painted canvas ,At first I thought it be decoupaged ! Very interesting to attach them with actual hardware .Looks Unique !

  4. What a clever project this is! Believe me, if I could rivet together my layouts I would: I hate stuff falling off!

  5. Wow roses from G Skip...roses are hard to do...and loving the hinges looking like golden butterflies, with the doorplate suggesting another world interesting combo and great way to put it together!!!

  6. You continue to create out of the box creations.. Love the hinge and rivets! Looks wonderful!

  7. These are gorgeous! So creative with the hardware!


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