Friday, December 11, 2015

Merry Cupcake & VOSP Winners!

Yesterday I ran to Wegmans at lunch to grab a few things for a get together tonight. I was thinking bakery, although the last time we hung out it was a wine and cheese fest. Skip supper, eat cheese and drink wine...turns out I am epic at both the drinking and eating part. I am so good at both, I considered adding a line item to my resume under skill set.

Anyhow, I ran past the bakery as the cakes looked delish, but I couldn't settle on one in particular. I ended up over in the cake mix section. Some lady was studying the cake mixes on her scooter so I waited patiently back a ways. Then I saw her pick up her cane and start viciously whacking the cake mixes. Now I've always wanted to whack things with a cane in a store, but yet again it was Wegmans so I was a bit taken aback.

One mix succumbed to her onslaught, giving up it's place on the shelf and falling to the floor. Then she bent over her scooter and with the cane started to try to pull it towards her. It was at this point I decided to intervene.

Can I get that for you?

She looked up, smiled and asked if I would. Since the scooter was blocking my path to the mix, she then proceeded to back up a little. Since she meant to not back up but go forward, she rammed me with her scooter. It was preciously at this point I was asking myself why I couldn't go into public without a bit of drama.

She pulled forward after apologizing so I scooped in and grabbed the mix, handed it to her, and went back to pondering what to buy.

Then she want back to whacking the mixes.

I decided to intervene again. Turns out the mixes with pudding in them were on sale and the last four chocolate ones were all the way in the back and she wanted all four. I wasn't sure how the whacking would entice them forward so I offered to pull them out for her.

It was like I was pulling calves outta a cow. Who knew the damn shelves were so deep. I was on my knees in my good wool coat pulling out cake mixes as she explained that if I added a banana and an extra egg to the pudding mixes, I would have an amazing banana bread that could be whatever other flavor the cake mix was. There was a lot more to the story, including complaints about great grandchildren who sadly had lives so couldn't visit her enough and a plea that she needed help to put the banana bread cakes in the oven.

I escaped as soon as humanly possible to the dairy section for cream cheese for the frosting and before I offered to go home with her. She appeared mostly harmless and just needing a bit of help, but I had reports to send & cupcakes to bake. The point of the story being though....

I did however have a cupcake while writing this post and picking winners! (and yes, I added a banana and extra egg)

So winner from Day 1 of the Vintage Goodies in a Cigar Box is: Lisa from A Mermaid's Crafts! I see she uses a lot of seam binding so I'm anxious to see what she makes of this stash!

Day 2:  Winner of  Tiny Dancer Milk Carton that was made from a cutting file from one of the sponsors, THE CUTTING CAFE is: Carol from La Crosse!

And the Grand Prize Winner of Day 3: Catherine Childs Morrison!

Yippe! WOW, that was a lot of fun! Puts me in the mood for another cupcake!

Message me your address if you will. My email address is on the left hand side of my blog there in the middle-ish!



  1. Giggles.... your posts always leaves me with a smile. Avoiding short, scooter and elderly peeps with sticks might be wise if you don't want to end up an adopted great gg...LOL! I'm sure she appreciated your help and conversation. She'd LOVE to know you actually used her hints! Wish me luck at turning 2 day old choc cupcakes into some semblance of Christmas sweets for tommorrow - I have lollies on top & am thinking LOTS of icing to distract from the slightly stale cake......!!!! But SHHHhhhhh! Don't tell on me;)

  2. Oh my goodness! Your trip to the store sure was a bit dramatic! Hehe.. And we'll done to those lucky winners!

  3. :) Hahahaha....
    Calves from a cow. Cripes on a cracker. I'll never shop the same again!!
    Awesome post and congratulations to the lucky lucky winners!!!

  4. :) Hahahaha....
    Calves from a cow. Cripes on a cracker. I'll never shop the same again!!
    Awesome post and congratulations to the lucky lucky winners!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, what a trip to the store!! At least the cupcake looks delicious!! I'm so excited to have won!! Thank you so much!! And congrats to the other winners!! I'm emailing you now :) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. congrats to the winners. All fabulous!!!

  7. Mitra, you always have the funniest experiences. Made me smile yet again. Congratulations to the winners.

  8. I literally LOLed about the whacking, backing LOL and wished you LOL to keep the pounds off during the holiday season! That cupcake looked way too yummy!

  9. Lol! Your story made me laugh! Good on you for helping out.


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