Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party Layout

I have had so many fun things to do this past month. A highlight was Luke's Civil Air Patrol Christmas party. The ladies who planned it went all out! You could tell from the girls giggling and dudes who were dancing, it was a good time.

I threw the page together the day after the party! It was a snap to pull out the colors we used, gold, red, white and blue...and I happened to save a Civil Air Patrol logo & doily from making the center pieces...

Look at those beautiful faces...such good looking young adults! Used a little piece of water color paper that Luke had made in art class and upcycled a tag from some jeans...

Check out the little air planes and stars that are glued in at the top of the photo. Those were all over the tables! Aren't they cool!

And a shout out to Funkie Junkie for her awesome flowers...picked these up during a Black Friday sale..these are from Petaloo!

Happiest of Hump Days!


  1. Love this layout! Maybe this weekend I can start scrapbooking have work gifts to weekend! I noticed that airplane glitter confetti right away! Love that! So it's not weird that I went around at the last wedding I was at and collected some sparkly goodness to use in a shadow box for the bride? Cause the looks I was getting said differently. And it only got worse when I tried to LOVE this layout! It's perfect! Oh and using his art project ...priceless! Oh. And the doilies. Well, you know.....btw...I'm getting your package together this weekend too. I like to extend the holiday a bit.... :)

  2. This looks fabulous! I really like the jeans tag & the colours! PErfect for his page..... & it sorta has a Christmasish look as well!! HAVE A LOVELY CHRISTMAS!!


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