Monday, December 14, 2015

Me on a Monday: Gold Pipecleaners, Vintage Ornaments and Centerpieces!

I do so enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. There is tweaking to the decorations around the house, places to go, people to see. Currently I'm stalking the Christmas section at the ReStore for Vintage glass ornaments. Got a couple of bags for a whole dollar the other day! Since I am STILL working on the large tree, that was pretty awesome! (I have completely embraced the whole Christmas thing and we have three trees...don't ask.)

This past weekend we were off to Civil Air Patrol for the First Annual Christmas Party. I had been asked to make centerpieces for all the tables and I was pleased to see that the basket full I made were enough! By basket I mean laundry basket...had to find something sturdy to use...mason jars aren't lite!

Speaking about lights..They had little battery operated candles, so it really improved the "mood" of the gym we were hanging out in..huge thanks to Lisa over at You Made Me Ink for the idea!

While I was on the red, white, gold and yellow kick...I made some angels for the two ladies who did the majority of the work getting the party organized.

I am really enjoying using up those vintage hankies and those gold pipe cleaners...I have a few more angels to make, but it's a busy week....and I've fallen quite behind on scrapbook we will see what I get done!

Happiest of Mondays to You and waving hi to Sian over at From High in the Sky, the Me at a Monday girl!


  1. Loved the centerpieces you made ..that to many ! They very nice festive feel and lovey mix of textures ! Angles..they are quite different and very interesting too !

  2. The vintage baubles are beautiful. That's quite a bargain you got there! We were just wondering yesterday if we could find all our old decorations in my Mum's attic. She hasn't used the old family stuff for years and it would be nice to see it again.

    Have a great week

  3. Thank You does not seem like enough for all the hard work and time you put into these beautiful pieces for Civil Air Patrol! Your contibution is greatly appreciated!

  4. Just love those angels beautiful and your center pieces awesome!

  5. Yeah. Challenges. What are they? I think I've written December off from that POV. LOOOOOOVE your table decorations. Totally amazing & how perfect for the flyers colours:):) The glass baubles are amazing. And it's OBVIOUS why you need at least one extra Chrissy tree. It's actually mine that I couldn't be bothered putting up, so you've borrowed it!!! Feel free to keep it forever;) I'm such a SLACKO at that sort of thing....glad you make up for those of us in the world;)

  6. My goodness you have been busy.. all the mason jar centerpieces look amazing and your angels look gorgeous.. wonderful creating! have a great week!And i wont ask about the 3 trees....

  7. Why do you have 3 trees??? hehe!!

  8. Never apologize for mass amounts of trees. We have 5 this year. I'm still on the fence about a medium one in the kitchen. Open floor plan so I think the one in the living room and entry way suffices, but.....
    LOVE anything you show me from ReStore and those table centerpieces turned out FABULOUS. Stealing your idea of using washi tape. Waaaay less sticky than mod podge and cinnamon/sugar.

  9. LUV vintage ornaments...just saw huge tree with vintage crystal creations...most fun were the vegetables looking elegant...all at the Ringling mansion on Sarasota bay...sorry no pics as I was entranced by the gorgeous pea pod ornament!!!


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