Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Ninth Punch Cup of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

The pile of glass cups is getting so small..only three to go now that I have the Ninth Cup done and dusted! This one was so much fun! I have a thing for elves so I was excited to find this very small elf at Michaels. Had to fix his paint a wasn't quite up to snuff, so then he got coated in some clear nail polish & glitter...Of course I had to make a real scarf....

You might be wondering HOW even this pertains to Linda's tag which is a cup of coffee...

Well, you are aren't you...Ok, let me go with what I was thinking....COFFEE IS MAGICAL OMG. Plus I was already using a cup so adding another seemed like overkill....I did use that very large snowflake as a background that you can see behind the elf that matches up on the coffee cup.

Other than that, I divereged wildly from her tag with a bunch of rainbow colors including orange glass toadstools. I had to build a little shelf out of foam for the elf, which I hot glued in and coated in glitter glue & glitter.

Added some gold gems to the rim & inked up some of the white paint.

Added some other bright colored inks on the outside & more gold & glitter glue. Was going for a funky tea shop look!

Currently I am stalking the mailbox! Grabbed a bunch of goodies from Linda's Shop on Black Friday. In fact, it was some of the only shopping I did! Good times! Linda's Shop, The Funkie Junkie is sponsoring this challenge and I saw a lot of the awesome elements she has used on past tags for sale!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Wow..Lovely cosy scene and loving the glitter ! I also loved the colors on outer side of the cup :)

  2. You are so right. Coffee IS magical, but HOLY WOW, Coffee with a miniature elf in it has to be EPIC!! Elf on a shelf ain't got nothing on this little cutie. Your tag 9 is FABULOUS Mitra and I love that you used similar items as Linda, but just went to your happy place on the other elements you used. It's a good one!!!

  3. Oh my! I LOVE this! Awesome colours and glitter and texture in a teacup....sooooo clever!

  4. Wow...I think this might be my fun and glittery and pretty and colorful!....very cool!

  5. What a brilliant tie-in to the challenge, heehee! That little elf sure is magical...& so is that bling on the outside of the cup. GORGEOUS....can't believe you're almost finished. I'll be a bit sad, to be honest...I've REALLY enjoyed seeing you decorate these!!!

  6. Oh your little elf is so sweet sitting there with his REAL scarf!! love the golden gems around the rim too.. another wonderful cup for your collection!

  7. This is such a fun version! Love that little elf!

  8. You certainly achieved the look you were after! Ellie is adorable!!

  9. Your tiny snow scene with elf is complete adorable, Mitra! The glittery snow is fabulous and I love the funky collection of embellishments. I think this is my favorite so far!



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