Monday, December 28, 2015

Secret Squirrel Project Scrapenberg: Me on a Monday

A bit ago the Aunt asked if anyone wanted all of Grandma Skip's photo albums. She has a collection of photo albums that rivals how many scrapbooks I have. The very thought made the lot of us shudder due to the shear volume. With that in mind, THE MAN and I embarked upon our secret squirrel project of 2016 this past weekend. We are working on a photography jig that will allow me to set up my new fancy smancy camera at a set distance from a page and consistently digitize entire scrapbooks. (Yes, Santa brought me a new camera in October!)

There have to be at least thirty scrapbooks stored on the top shelf of my closet or stashed in the cabinet. I want to be able to "play" a scrapbook on a pc or display on the TV. So this is why a scrapbook ended up in the shop so we had examples to work from! While THE MAN measuered and cut high density fiber board I had a stroll down memory lane. 

The jig is just dry fitted at the moment. We need to glue, measure, tweak, tweak again, take some photos, and continue to tweak. 

Wish us luck! Tomorrow is still a day off from the Christmas Holidays so hopefully we'll make some more progress! 

A wave over at Sian, the Original Me on a Monday girl! Have a good week Sian!


  1. Oooh! That looks fabulous:) Great idea. Huge project. Luck with it!!!

  2. Please post a picture when your project is done. I would be interested to see what you come up with. Sounds like you also motivate "THE MAN" to make special things! Good luck! :-)


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