Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas in an Antique Chest

Merry merry! Hope your Christmas is full of joy & happiness! We are having a quiet one here, as tomorrow is our big day! Off to see the Grandma & hang with the rents! I just wanted to pop in and show you our second tree that is full of all my Funkie Junkie punch cups. What a great challenge! A huge thanks to Linda for hosting us!

What do you do when your tree is little and you want to make a big impact! Well, put it in a chest of course! In this case it is our blanket box and I just moved the blankets out for the time being. Used a box to give it a little boost! Of course a tall topper also gives it height. 

The wires in the branches easily held the heavy punch cups...and that new topper is so pretty! Gotta love gold spray paint!

 I bought a cheap plastic retro tree topper at the ReStore, cut off the tip, added a washer & epoxy to build a base, sprayed with gold spray paint and then hot glued on a sparkly glass tea pot! Got the glass tea pot at the Corning Museum of Glass during their Black Friday sale...thought a tea pot went well with a tree full of cups!

I had so many little glass teapots to pick from, but went with a pink and gold one. Love it!

One last photo of the other side!

Happiest of Holidays from the Pratt house to yours!


  1. Very Lovely tree !! You are awesome in using hardware in interesting ways..I have seen star,angle ,cupid n such cutie stuff as topper but a tea pot ?? Never :D !
    Wishing you too a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Enjoy your Holidays !

  2. That is absolutely brilliant- from the suitcase to the topper......totally BRILL!!!! You must be pleased as punch (well......someone had to say it!!!) with the way it's all turned out. That pink glass teacup topper. The icing on the cake. The sugar in your tea, even!!!!! Have a great Christmas:):)!!!!!

  3. Oh...forgot to mention the family portrait...but you already know I think it's the BEST!!!!!

  4. Happy Christmas Mitra! I will be sending some goodies your way when I get home!! Including some of those Prima gold doilies 'coz they sent me a heap and I know how you love them!!! Your tree is gorgeously quirky. Great job!!!

  5. It looks more than amazing!! This is the most magical vintage Christmas tree I've ever seen. My mom just hosted a high tea party at work at she would have LOVED this for a decoration!
    Putting it in a trunk...priceless! And LOOOVE that tree topper combo.

  6. A stunningly beautiful tree with a charming surprise teapot topper...this tree will be unforgettable.
    Love the family portrait and Duncan looking positively angelic!


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