Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Always Ready for Use 12 tags of 2016-June & One Little Quote

I have been watching a lot of the June Tim Holtz tags come in on Facebook and it looks to me that especially with this tag, lot of artists take his tag and jump! Jump into things that get their feet wet and hands dirty and come up with something unusual. Which makes me feel better as my tag looks nothing like his...

He had white tissue paper, I only had black....I didn't have archival ink, but white embossing powder...I didn't have the cool dude with a top hat die cut...So I made use of what I had. ;-)

My black tissue paper needed a strong stamp...pulled out my very favorite which happens to be a woody from Stampin Up! and some white embossing power. I then adhered the tissue paper to a base of cardboard with some white glue and a paint brush. I then decided I need a cut out, similar to the man with a top hat....so I used a scallopy punch and then went hunting for a dude with a top hat image...

Here is where things went horribly wrong...I ended up finding the one I wanted on a site called Sexy Victorian Men. I was somewhat astonished that such a thing existed so when I went to my stash of Tim Holtz paper, the piece with the slogan "always ready for use" jumped on my cutter and was glued to my tag in about five seconds flat amidst giggles...so there you have it....yes sometimes I have a dirty mind!

I am half way through my One Little Quote! I thought it would be cool to use a quote instead of a word this year. It's got even more meaning now! 

Happiest of Tuesdays to you!


  1. Sorry.... Distracted much by the BARE FEET. Must be warm!!!! Trying to work out your quote --- grrr! Still can't!!! And WONDERFUL to see you individually interpreting Tim like this. And GIGGLES!!! To the ready & I'm sure willing man;)!!!!

  2. My goodness girl you have to be careful what you click on on the internet.. some things are just not good to see!!! fabulous tag though.. and I look forward to the completion of them all!

  3. Wowza! Somehow I missed this one... I've had my head down in my scraproom all week... this is awesome! Love that vintage photo and all the rest of it is just making me drool...


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