Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meant to Be Frame from the Corning Habitat ReStore

I walk past a LOT of things at the Corning Habitat ReStore. A LOT. My theory is that if I love it once, I'll love it again when it's still there next week. Sometimes this doesn't pan out very well and I make an emergency trip back for something that must be mine. Or, it's gone.  In this case, the $7 frame was still there.....meant to be!

It's MOSTLY in one piece......and it's only slightly smelly....but oh I do love it. I need to dust it and let it air out a little...and then decide whether it needs a very light coat of spray paint or not....

I don't want to use too much spray paint and lose that detail! Check it out!

Love the wood pieces I found. Again, not sure what I might do with them, but they need some warm soapy water and then a decision! Good thing the weekend is coming up again! Might have to have a date with some spray paint!

Happiest of Hump Days!


  1. It's a beautiful frame. It looks quite big: a statement piece! I might be tempted to leave it just the way it is

  2. Wow..the frame has beautiful carving.Happens with most f the time I am in paper mart ,I like something not needed and resist urge to buy it only to grab it in my next visit !

  3. Hmnnnn - decisions decisions... Whatever you decide will be right I'm sure!!!!! Love the photo shoot pic with the frame!!!!

  4. The frame the brick the flowers make another breathtaking photo...also thought-provoking as a combination!

  5. You are killing me. Those are all awesome! I have to stop commenting now because Recaptcha is driving me crazy!!! It keeps making me prove I'm not a robot. I don't think I'm a robot. I could be wrong. Recaptcha really doesn't seem to believe me... sigh... I'll visit again soon...

  6. Had to pop back and see how the frame started out. Your transformation was fabulous.


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