Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hawk Pride Layout: National Junior Honor Society

Having read the essay that the boy submitted for National Junior Honor Society, I can honestly say that it was from the heart. They asked him about being amazing and he basically wrote that he was on the path to being amazing, but that he wasn't quite there yet. He made a valid point in my opinion. Anyhow, it must have been what they were looking for as he was inducted in!

My absolutely FAVORITE thing that I did with this page was use the sheet they gave us with all the names as paper! As you can see I used a gold letter O sideways to circle Luke's name.

I also used up a piece of scrap vellum and a little piece of lined paper that I had laying around. I am at the very bottom of this kit and I was trying to use a lot of neutrals so that the blue logo of JNHS would pop.

I printed out a very small version and then fussy cut around it, added a Tim Holtz star and a few little pieces of bling.  A really simple page, but it makes me happy!

And on that note, Tuesday here is at an end. I'm behind on blogging due to camping, but I'm enjoying writing these in the evening. ;-)


  1. Oh wow, well done to your son, a great effort! love the gold outlying his name.. fabulous layout to cherish a special achievement!

  2. We don't have Honor Societies here but from this very proud Mum page I'm getting the idea that congratulations are in order!

  3. We don't have em here either - but regardless- his pride & yours shine through - love how this really does represent the story.... Perfectly embellished:):)

  4. Beautiful page honoring Luke now in the Honor Society!!! He's looking great and we love his outlook...


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