Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In My Corner

Last week I got lucky and found a couple of more corbels at the Corning Habitat ReStore. I didn't know I was collecting them until I found two more...The bottom one is resin, so I just cleaned it off with a wet soapy cloth. The top one is wood, so I spent some time with the spray paint last weekend layering and spritzing to get an aged look. Believe it or not, I even used an ink pad!

I really like the splatters. It's a bit nerve wracking applying just enough...But I'm pretty pleased on how this corbel turned out. 

The last project I did similar to this I used mists...nothing is sacred when you are working on a project! 

Happy Hump Day! Or should I say, Happy Corbel Day! 


  1. These are lovely. I really appreciate how you incorporate different things as part of your art!

  2. These are way cool! They look awesome like this - & go you with your splats!!!

  3. Oh yeahhhh. these look amazing, love the look of the wooden one.. it doesnt look like wood.. aged to perfection!

  4. Looking like ancient Greece or Rome??
    Really like the stone colored one...


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