Thursday, June 9, 2016

Make Today Amazing Upcycled Spool Angel Cloche for LESSology

Lately I've had angels on the mind. I have also been working a lot with cloches since the Corning ReStore has a stash they have been selling. I decided to combine the two! 

Paired up this glass plate and candle stick I got at Corning ReStore the other day and spray painted them with copper & black paint. I used Epoxy to glue the candle stick to the plate. As you can see below, they are actually three seperate pieces.

Love that you can take it apart in case you want to use the base, angel or choche seperately. It's always nice to have versaility in a decoration. ;-)

The little angel on the upcycled cardboard spool is made out of a ceramic sink handle. The hair is the top of a seed (like an acorn top) while the wings are cut down flower petals and some pearl branches. I opted to go with a neon pink sticker for the base & brightly colored hand dyed seam binding as we're having a neon challenge this time round at LESSology. In fact, that is why the base has a lot of black as it looks good with brights!

Love the decorated bottom of the cloches and the very top. I made the latice from bright metallic duct tape over cardboard which I cut out with my Big Shot. 

I also cut some aluminum tape and dyed it to match. Love that it's already sticky!

Leaving you with one more photo of my sink handle angel! Make Today Amazing and play along with our challenge!

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  1. THIS!! I think I love neon now... the duct tape on cardboard.... great idea!


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