Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweet Lights Layout: Penn's Cave

I've really been enjoying getting some pages done and dusted. It's even more exciting when it's a page from a recent trip. ;-) I blogged about our trip to Penn's Cave just a couple of weeks ago. There are a ton of photos that are neat from inside the cave, but I picked my favorite. They have a little light show with different colors at the very end of the cave that I enjoyed quite a lot.

I loved the Penn's Cave House. It's so vintage and pretty! That is exactly why I decided to print it out smaller and add it to the bottom of my page. I also dug out the tickets we had from the day (they were lurking around in my purse) and added them.

Love that little metal camper I used down in the corner and some little gold and pink splatters...

Just a super fun day that I'm happy to share with you! Happy Tuesday!


  1. HI..This looks great, love the photo and the use of the tickets on your layout.. I think that little caravan is so cute too.. this is a wonderful page..

  2. This is a great page! Full of memories & pretty to boot!!! And the title is SWEEEET!!!!

  3. I love how well this page tells the story by including the tickets and the photo of the house too. It's perfect.


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