Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Spraying & Washing Memorandum Monday

This weekend was well....interesting. I have some news to tell you on what I did Saturday, but I'm not quite ready to dish yet so you'll have to wait on that patiently. I say patiently, but I don't exactly resemble that trait myself...I'd be tapping my foot a little looking annoyed so you are welcome to do that too. THE MAN held down the fort while I was gone and pressure washed the garage with his new Father's Day pressure washer.

Working with water was a smart move on his part because it was blazing hot both weekend days. I mean not as hot as say like the desert, but probably in the nineties. He's prepping for staining the garage in a weekend or two.

As it was a nice hot day perfect for drying spray paint, I took the opportunity Sunday to set up the spray painting table and play with this frame a little. I wanted a nice vintage antique gold color. I was really leaning towards NOT painting the frame, but it smelled a little too vintage for my taste, so cleaned it off and painted it. The internal part has since been painted in silver leaf which is now currently drying...that has it's own special smelly smell. I am toying with the idea of adding a mirror in the middle...but still thinking....

All that warm weather has inspired my rose to bloom even more. It's such a lovely pink orange color. You can also see that someone was keeping his dog eye ball on me when I took this photo. He highly approves of hot afternoons that involve chasing chipmunks, long drinks from the water dish and then throwing youself on the kitchen floor to pant and enjoy the air conditioning.

Hoping for a few more dog days of summer and a week that goes quickly so we can have more weekend!

Join me in waving hello to Miss Sian From High in the Sky, our Host here at Memorandum Monday....if she was my neighbor I'd snip off one of my blooms for her scrap room table!


  1. The frame turned out beautifully - would make a pretty mirror! I sympathize with the heat. It's been awful here, too. Beautiful roses and have a wonderful week!

  2. Those roses do look quite beautiful. I like the old frame, it will be interesting to see what you finally decide to do with it. Happy week ahead.

  3. Lovely vintage post with roses & pretty frames. Glad you didn't throw in a photo of the pressure cleaning!!!!!!

  4. Aw, that's just the loveliest thing to say! I would love a rose..they are beautiful.

    That frame is looking pretty excellent. I think I was wrong when I said leave it alone. I really like it now!

  5. Loving all the detail work on that frame - and yes, I think a mirror is a splendid idea.


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