Monday, June 13, 2016

Spelunking in Penn's Cave: Memorandum Monday

I told the kids we were going spelunking this past weekend and they didn't believe me. Later they claimed that it didn't count as we were in a boat, even though it was a real honest to goodness I googled it. Yes, we  were spelunkers this weekend. If we were in the UK or Ireland, we would have been potholing, which also sounds pretty exotic.

We hauled the camper about two and a half hours south of us to camp in Belmonte, Pa and then visited Penn's Cave. I had thought it might be a bit hokey. I was happy to be completely wrong. This cave was really cool! In fact, I can't wait to share photos of the inside, when I get them scrapped.

Things in a cave are measured in inches and over hundreds of years. This particular cave has had paid visitors since 1885 and with the exception of the lights, I doubt much has changed since then although the stalactites and stalagmites might be a wee bit bigger today, but not much.

Between the legend of the Indian Princess Nita-nee and Malachi the French trapper, we were pumped to see the cave. Add in cave trout that you could feed and a boat ride, it was a really cool experience. In fact, it was somewhat bittersweet to get back home. Good thing I had an epic rose that bloomed while I was away to greet me.

Isn't that lovely? So pretty! Snuck out there this morning before work to take that photo just for you!

Happiest of Mondays! Join me in a wave over at Sian From High in the Sky who has an epic blog post title to share with us and all our Memorandum Monday friends!


  1. It is! It's beautiful. And now I've learned something. I had heard the word "spelunking" before, but I hadn't realised it was "potholing"..the thought of which has always scared me a little I have to admit. You are an intrepid bunch!

  2. Thank you so much for the picture of that beautiful rose... and spelunking!! That sounds like fun! I've heard the term, but now I have to go and look it you make me learn things...:) Happy Tuesday!

  3. Never heard that term - thanks for that first! It's potholing here too...& the rose is almost as pretty as your peonies!!!!!

  4. Great snaps. Sounds like a fun trip with a beautiful welcome home.


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