Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The KOA Flume Layout

This is the accompanying page that goes with one I showed you last week on Penn's Cave. I'm using up the last of a Valentine's Day it matches quite well...almost done with it! Wow, for not buying kits for months, I'm still going strong paper wise!

I'm also using up those silver letters! I was so pumped I had the right ones to make a title!

This page is rocking at least four washi tapes....I have no control when it comes to those....which is why you can see the very newest flamingo one that has nothing to do with camping...but I had to use it...yeah....doing well on the paper front, not so well on washi....

It's nice having this one done! This page celebrates one of those random times where the kids acted like kids. They are so grown up most of the time!

Luke had wanted to buy a bag of sand filled with gems in the gift store at the cave, but his Dad picked on him. Then when we got back to the campground I noticed that the KOA had the same set up. So, he and I walked down to the camp store to "get an ice cream" and accidentally bought a bag to play in the flume with. It was hot so playing the water was awesome.

Then we texted photos to his sister, who came down to watch and then had to have her own bag.

It was pretty full of semi-precious gems and what not!

Happiest of Hump Days to you!


  1. It sounds like fun. And aren't those moments just the best!

  2. Ahh I was about to say how beautifully everything matched on this page !Th pretty paper ,glittery alphas ,pp with type writer text :)

  3. Oooh! ADORE that page....the washi...the GOLD....the zig zag JOURNALING.....oooh aaaahhh!!!! Love it all :) And the story :)

  4. Awesome!! Awesome page and awesome fun! At 26 and 22 (almost) my kids will sometimes still take time to be "kids" when they are with us and I still love it... although I have to admit we're not so grown up ourselves That paper is beautiful... and oh boy... almost gone????? (Love those flamingos...they are perfect on this page)


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