Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ah! A Winner, a bloggie award thingie, and how much I love a Saturday morning....

So, first order of business. Sweet Bloggie Award thingie....from Karen!

So, 7 things you don't know about me:

I'm a dog person, have cats, but there is just something about dogs...that really reach into your heart. Mine like ice cubes which is a pretty cheap treat...and low cal, which if you have a fat beagle, you are looking for options like that.

I have a fat beagle mix named Forrest that came from the pound. THE MAN spotted him, had to have him, and it turns out he was only there for a half hour, hence the really calm demeanour unlike the rest of the dogs who were barking their heads off. He now is a terrible bed hog and has nasty breath, but...loves us to pieces.

I work at home. I'm a project manager for a firm that designs well pads for the Natural Gas Industry. Don't ask me how I got here. IN fact, our closest office to me is 5 hours away in a different state. I know, it's strange. It's pretty much the story of my life...a little choice years ago and voila, here I am.

I adore differences in culture. So, you guys spelling COLOR with a u, totally cool. Or talking about chooks (which I now know are chickens, LOL) and blogging about the really cold weather when I suffer with a heat wave...I love it. Just as much as I love talking to the predominately PA crowd I work with who have their own differences...and better convenience stores.

You would THINK working at home is amazing. It is. However, I don't turn things off as well as I should. Hence in the evening, I might be working on a huge inbox full of e-mail and then switching over to use some modge podge on a creation. I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to go back to an office...they might think it strange when I bring my laundry in to fold during a conference call....

And, I'm out. I know, not seven things there...but I have a hot date...

I am off to a craft show where a local blogger is showing her work. Check it out here, she has some great should follow her....

I'll be back later. For one thing, I have to draw my RAK and the other, after I pick up some scrappy stuff (I'm out of hot glue) I have a little wall hanging to post....


  1. Loved learning more about you! I used to have a beagle (I got him from the AZ Beagle rescue)....and loveeeeeeeee the new header! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Very interesting...yes I love the different cultural things about blogging too. I've learnt that in the States a bonnet (of a car) is a hood, a boot (of a car) is a trunk, terms are semesters, robots are traffic lights, shops are stores, supermarkets are grocery stores, torches are flashlights...and that's just off the top of my head! Guess we all speak our own lingo!!

  3. Very funny - if only I could convince my husband to fold laudry when he was on conference calls at home...

    And I am more than happy to educate you in life from down under, I think we have more exposure to the american idiosyncracies through tv but still love to find out your real life is pretty much the same as ours but the little diffences are so very cool! xx


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