Thursday, August 11, 2011

My New Wreath!!

So, this past weekend I went to a craft fair to do some on the ground blog stalking. If you are at all into reuse & recycling, you need to check out this website. She's fun! Janessa was selling these bedspring wreaths and I had to check them out in person. And, in a twist of fate, I ran into her again at the newest sandwich shop in town and mentioned to her that I hadn't installed my wreath yet as I was going to bling it up a bit. She looked interested and ask that I let her know what it looks like! I told her, I'd blog it up and throw her a link!

So, here it is! The recycled note flowers were made by Janessa. They are awesome since she hot glued magnets on the back. My flowers are from Thailand and I got them at a local store that sells free trade items from artisans from different countries. They are all hand made and I LOVE them. And for my last item, more gauze sprayed with some glimmermist. I really wanted the see-through look for my wreath so you can enjoy the curlies from the bedsprings.

Hope your Thursday is going well, only one more day to TGIF!



  1. Love, LoVe, LOVE this wreath! Is this actually going to be used outdoors or is this an indoor wreath? What a completely incredible recycling idea and thanks for the link!
    You mind amazes me...
    Lisa xx

  2. I think your wreath is incredible! I love how you let the coiled mattress springs show through. Fabulous!

  3. Lisa M: My friend Lisa ROCKS, but I kinda like to think if I met all the bloggers I stalk, we'd have just as much fun. This wreath I did for inside, but I think outside would be fun too..outdoor modge podge maybe?

  4. Hi Mitra,

    It was great to meet you at the World Artisan. The wreath looks fantastic.

    We have lots more flowers....

  5. It looks amazing! Great job! I'm glad you were inspired by the bedspring :). I will have to send you a link from my blog so people can see what other amazing things can be done with the wreaths with a little imagination! Thanks! Janessa :)

  6. This is totally a seriously cool idea! You & Janessa need to set up an Etsy shop for these - for Christmas - I looooove wreaths!!

  7. I blogged about what a great job you did with your wreath today! Check it out!


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