Monday, August 15, 2011

Helen Style, Color Combo Galore #203 & The Studio Challenges

I promised myself that I would give Color Combo's Galore a try this month. Probably Helen posting eight challenges in a ROW inspired me. Here is a link to her blog. Check out the right hand edge toward the bottom where it shows you her archived items. In between her layering which is amazing, use of vintage items that she has printed out, and clever placement, I was overwhelmed with eye candy. Plus, she has all kinds of useful tidbits for someone like myself who is putting herself through Scrapbook Blogging 101. I have unofficially adopted her as a scrappy mentor.

So, at Color Combo's Galore, they give you a palette to use. Haven't tried this much. But, these are some amazing colors. Very beautiful. I had saved my last little piece of gauze for this challenge and sprayed it that teal seagrass color. I went out searching for various interesting vintage beachy type items and printed out a few. Also, part of their challenge is use something transparent. I didn't have much that really fell into that category, so layered some lace over some turquoise sparkly paper and cut out those lace doilies from the Prima packaging. I know, I have seen that done a million times and I still love to use them, but that is also recycling, so works! Also used a vellum quote that was also transparent.

Now, the actual layout was fairly easy. I started layering items in. Now, the hard part was I had this really pretty set of Oz Books printed out. I had taken the photo earlier in the week for a challenge I spotted at The Studio and they were sitting right next to my layout. I kept adding them in with out adhesive! I wanted to use them for another page but they were so pretty. So, I decided to work them into my page and theme. Hopefully the title and the journalling now makes sense. I was going for a bit of a theme with the books and the photo I took of Lexi and THE MAN. I really feel our kids have both parts of their parents (hopefully the good parts)! And as a parent, you are giving instruction, leadership, and help to grow up your children. And it is sometimes the little things that really strike you as being interesting. My daughter loves to read and yet, is a wiz on the PC. One thing from me and one thing from her Dad. Although, I too am pretty fond of computers!

I do still plan on doing the page I wanted to do with my Oz book photo. For those of you who like the Wizard of Oz, there is a whole series of books out there equally amazing. The graphics alone are worth looking at. I spent summers on the dock in Lake George NY with my nose in these old books! Of course, they are now quite expensive if you want the older ones.

Big thanks to The Studio, Helen, and also Color Combo's for pushing me to merge items together. I hope it works!


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww! This is AWESOME! I loveeeeeeeeeee the photo, the book covers, the mesh, the colors... just WOW!! :):):):):):):)

  2. Oh my word doll...this is absolutely GORGEOUS...I LOVE it!!! You've done an amazing job with the design and your all your unique touches (like the books) and all the lovely textures.
    So glad that you've decided to play along at is such an awesome challenge site and the ladies are super sweet...totally loving it there! :)
    Have an awesome week...

  3. You might want to check out my blog asap. x

  4. OMG!!! I love The Wizard of Oz. I was born and raised in Kansas, so I guess I'm kinda partial, but seriously, who doesn't love red blingy shoes and a dog in a bike basket?
    Hey..about the cutter question you had on my blog. Ummmmm, I'm thinking you meant "cricut" or something like that, if so, uhhhhh...LOL..I feel silly saying this, but I used the latest technology in Fiskar scissors. HA! I just designed the card layout in Microsoft Word, edited it in paint and then printed and cut. Very swanky I know...LOL.
    Hugs friend :)
    Lisa aka Kansas Stalker ;)

  5. I am so flattered that I am your unofficial scrappy mentor LOL - that is just so sweet girl & makes me feel so special too (((Hugs)))!!! I love what you have done with your layout...just pure awesomeness but of course that style is just up my street! Glad you had fun putting it all together & so glad to introduce another scrappy-bloggy friend to CCG - best blog on the block LOL

  6. What a gorgeous layout, love the preety theme to it and a great take on the challenge! Thanks for playing along with us at The Studio! And also thanks for your comments on my blog!

  7. Wow, this is beautiful. Such lovely soft colours and textures. Thanks for playing with us at The Studio :)


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